Thursday, 17 May 2012

About Me

Fashion seeks no sex, religion, and in my case body stats. Get that pretty face which you always dream of as i take you on a virtual walk of being Plump to Pretty.
Hello everyone I am Neelakshi, a student of life from the Western Ghats of India that some people treat it as refugees settled in Mumbai. I am an ardent admirer of Swarovski in every possible form existing be it jwellery, dresses, shoes or bags… everything! I love meeting  new people  from different walks of life as knowing them better  gives me an inspiration that reflect on my designs and discussing fashion (both straight and plus size),Also femme identity, and queerness bring out the iron lady in me :P
One thing has the potential to stop me from designing for a while is the lip smacking taste of anything in chicken!
if that wasn't enough...

·                     I love baking, cooking, eating which pretty much evident from the body stats and pretty much anything else that's food related! I would love to open up a food truck or bakery.
·                     I'll laugh thrice when a joke is told. First when it’s narrated, Second when others laugh and Third when I finally understand !I have a weird resolutions is to visit (at least) one new country every year. If I could, I would never stop traveling!
·                     I’ve an obsession with the colour black and dark chocolates. They are like my two on-the-go things which always work out for me.
·                     Also I’m not anti diet or pro diet, your body is your business and it’s not my place to tell you what you should weigh (although I think I occasionally do rant a bit about not beating yourself up over every extra half a kilo). It is my place though to tell you that whether you weigh 40 kgs or 100kgs you should make sure you look fabulous at all times!
·                     I would love to be called a woman of substance not by my
36- D’s but my deeds!

Hmm..that kinda spends me up...and just in case I think all of my fellow bloggers and readers should know I"m oh so random you may find a D-I-Y one day and a recipe the other!Till then