Sunday, 28 January 2018

Valentine- A rendezvous with Self

Are you wondering what is my blospost's title too?
Being a propagator of self-love it would only seem wrong to me to wait for someone to come along to make myself loved again. Self Love today is propagated as one of the best selling product lines to anything and everything. What we fail to understand that it really extends to more than just the physical aspect of it. Yes, it the most textural and identifiable shade of our identity that makes our first impression. But there's always going to be more to it than the physical aspect.

I partnered up with Afamado for a special valentine's day look. And no I'm not going on a date but treat myself to a staycation (almost a hideout)

Now if you have that special someone I'm all for decking up for the date and head out of the city, whatever you may choose to do I have styled an option for you.The salmon blush dress is your go-to guide to the season's valentines color.The wrap dress clings perfectly to your body, and the flare sleeves only add to the drama.Flash a hint of cleavage with the beautiful neckline. You always need to drop a hint for that pendant he's been promising you.

I wore mine with Stardust earrings  and bar ring by Designer  "Thezie Savino"

along with heels from Intoto.I love how I can wear this comfortable look from day to night. What is your valentine day's plan,, let me know?

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Of Label and It's Austerities Ft.LAstinch

The questions I'm asked more than often.I decided to pour my heart into this blog post.Here is everything I could have answered honestly. The labels  I have been typecasted into, this outfit seems like the most subtle way to tear up from this 

-Growing up, how did you envision yourself when you're older?
I always thought I would have that flat stomach, frankly, I have wished too many birthday candles to miraculously to wake up to a flat stomach. You see I have always been the chubby kid that would be the first one to get into the pool to hide her thick thighs.

-How often do you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see?
As often as I pass by the when-I probe, poke wonder how much could plastic surgery change my face, body! Promised me to be a healthier self, do some jumping jacks and then roll on the bed thinking how much of chore that was.

-I understand that you faced your dislike for your chin during the shoot? How was your experience? 
I have always had issues with myself being photographed. Growing up being told that how much of a pretty face I had that people would just dismiss looking at my body I have probably centred my attention to my face too much and somewhere that still lives on, I'm way concerned about my double chin-my paunch, my muffin top, and the way the fat folds over my knees. There are literally all the points that I look at when I'm photographed. But here I'm today baring it all.