Friday, 30 August 2013

Curves Ahead ( Part 1)

Good morning tweeples see am getting better at keeping promises here ,I’m up and about writing this post.

Plus size clothing is a general term given to clothing proportioned specifically for people around size 12 and up in U.S. "In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 12-24, super size as sizes 4X-6X and extended size as 7X and up."  Also called Outsize in some countries (predominantly British), this term has been losing favour since the 1990s. A related term for men's plus-size clothing is big and tall (a phrase also used as a trademark in some countries)
and time and again i have defined my social dilemma,honestly this blog was started to voice the “BIG Problems “literally translation into plus size problem.But with time and looking at every single aspiration to be a size 0 looking at my own sister I have to learn to embrace every body type as it.I’m not hating sizing just trying to broaden my perspective

You can check them below my social dilemma and here basics .
Forget what you've been told about dressing to flatter your figure. Every woman is different: from height to curves in different places, there's no one item of clothing that suits all women. The way clothes fit you is the crucial factor. I  have the new rules of plus-size style, including  must-have pieces. Starting this day a sun dress .

I chose this particular piece against all the rules specified. The critics bar you from you from wearing horizontal stripes,also donnt wear anything that's cuffed at the ankle(it'll make you look stout) but if you wear them tastefully It could do you wonders. Don't be afraid to go for clothing with colours and prints, as these things can make such a difference to all the classic pieces.

So yes you guessed it I did wear stripes only in horizontal &vertical floral red print along with ankle strappped sandals in white pairing up with a glossy black  slingbag .I had this nautical vibe that explains the curls the feline liner and the swimming pool.Extremely sorry for my horrid expressions I promise I shall work on them.
Dress: Thrifted (I got this for 350 bucks straight,hell yeah!)
Strappy Heels: Tresmode
Sling Bag: Youshine

Picture courtesy: Sanky Evrus
I'm trying all these new ideas not only to express myself but also to reach out to people who would relate to me without sizings being a problem.
I will see you soon in my next post till then
Stay Chic

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Blair is a classic beauty and compared to Serena, her makeup and hair is much more polished. Blair always looks put-together and feminine and her beauty routine is a prime example. Here are the three key elements to Blair’s look: 

1. Rosy Lips and Cheeks

Unlike Serena’s sunkissed skin, Blair sports a more classic look with a pinch of rosy blush and lip color.
To achieve this, blend a rose blush with minimal to no shimmer onto the apples of your cheeks. For winter and fall Blair sticks with blushes that are pink-based, but she switches to peach-based colors in spring and summer. On exfoliated and moisturized lips, use a non-shimmery pink or berry lipstick or gloss.

2. Defined Eye Shadow

Rather than a simple wash of color on her entire eyelid, Blair’s eye makeup is slightly more extensive, focusing on defining her eyes and adding depth.
Start by using a matte eye shadow that’s close to your skin tone all over your lid. Then, take a matte chocolate brown shadow and blend into your crease and up towards your brow bone. Highlight your brow bone with a shimmery beige or vanilla eye shadow. Thinly line your upper and lower lash lines with a dark brown eyeshadow. Finish the look with a sweep of mascara.

3. Polished Curls/Shiny Poker straight Hair

Con Heir
Blair’s hair is almost always curly and she is rarely seen with a curl out of place or perfectly straight hair and well absolutely incomplete without her modern day crown-the humble hairband.She has absolutely glorified the hair bands for me forever.
Here's this random OOTD that I tried.Okay blair was bulimic in first few episodes and so I come up with another eating disorder being obese :P
For the make up I kept my peaches, brown ,champagne and white very prominent.I have used 3 coats of mascara and concealer on my waterline. Also I tried today Clinique's foundation in medium  and Sally Hansen's inflation lip plumper in the shade "sheer cherry".It is the first time ever I have a foundation on,so my blogger friend do point out if you see a shade gone wrong .

My outfit was a simple sheer collar blouson with tie up paired with a black skirt.The tote bag ,nude peep toes and hairband completed my look.
Trying to get into the blair mode!

Peep-toes: Tresmode
Bag: Rhysetta
Hairband: Accesorize
I'm sorry if I offended any GG fab,We were looking on having plain fun.Let me know how do u feel about this OOTD?
Stay chic
XOXO(GG Voice )

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Holla my marshmellows

This is going to be one of the quickie.Finally my shifting back to Mumbai campus did pay off and well obviously there's a designer Sailex and our lovely jess who personally assists him, for the passes to Lakme Fashion Week.
Since it was my very first time here,I really wanted to wear something different and not end up looking frumpy.So here's what I decided ,I paired my Zara white lace jacket with high waisted  floral pants.Underneath am wearing my own design its a beaded scalloped top with a bodysuit ofcourse.(The best part its entirely handmade ).
I had zero jwellery and added a simple winged liner using Mac's Blacktrack and Maybelline Stay with me coral.
Ironic how less of a makeup we end up wearing at such things.From all my past experience I knew I cudn't afford to wear stilettos and strut all day long so well wedges were the obvious choice and I colourblocked them with this from Done by None.

Yes that's all going to be for my OOTD post here.Catch all the action and all photographs that don't make it to  the blog here:Plump to Pretty facebook page.
Please let me  know how did you like it /or even if you hate it? I will see you soon in my next post till then 
Stay Chic

p.s.I have to credit this to my special photographer Momma :)

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Dreamy burst of colours!

Hello my crystal bonbons!

Here's an absolute quick tutorial.I started with "How to make you eyes appear bigger but ended up with this very fantasy look."Now I don't how would you go out and rock,I tried today and I did make people take a second look at me(Only that yeh kya pagalpan kar rakha hain kudi ne kind of look) But then I'm comfoartable with any kind of look you give me,I have honestly become besharam (what?blame it on the layers I live with ).

Moving on to the post its a very dreamy makeup and well it does catch fancy of few people.Can I give a few real quick tip to make your eyes look bigger:

1.Wear you kohl only halfway and blend it towards the inner corners.
2.Highlighting your inner corner for small eyes with champagne colour really take the attention from the eye shape and make you look awake,also don't forget to highlight the brow-bone .I would recommend something in a peral or frosty finish.
3.Always have that 1 nude/white eyliner pencil im your stash ,they were likes magic for reducing bags under your eyes and lifting the look together.
4.When wearing false lashes make sure you wear them at the outer most croner and connect it with your lower lashes.I  think cutting falsies not only saves you another set but also fits perfectly without being too overwhelming.
5.Curling and  wearing 2 swifts of mascara can really add up to your look.Don't ignore the lower lashes ;)

Starting with this tutorial I start with a well moisturized face. I use a primer next  then chances are you are overloaded with silicone which is not-such a  good thing for your skin but works for the makeup.Oh and that's my bare without any makeup ,moisturizer whatsoever.

Next before anything I really wanted to put my falsies on.While working with them on does make it tougher but you get an exact exaggeration that you could make on the lower lashes.You will notice mine flying away from the ends but I fix it up .

Next I have used the metalliglow primer for eyes all over my eyes  till my brow bone.

Next for prepping my white shadow to show up I have used nyx white jumbo pencil on my lid area smudging it with a clean finger.

 Highlighted the browbone and inner corners using the Clinique Palette highlighter shade .

 I'm  using faces eyeshadow in the shade 327 and running my brush in windshield viper motion in my crease area building up the colour slowly.Take you time with step you will also reduce the harsh lines.

Next I use an eyeshadow in the shade 371 Matte from Freedom system by inglot and just under the crease and outer corner intensify the colours.

Here I  have added Inglot's matte white eyshadow in the shade Matte and used the same along with Nyx Jumbo pencil in milk on my waterline.I went crazy with and really getting into my waterline and lashline.

Adding the same purple shadow but following the same rule of lining it only halfway.

Now the final touches by tightlining my eyes.adding a very thin liner and connecting it all on upper lashes.And because you can never have enough l ashes we draw some whimsy fancy ones :D
This step is totally optional and you can skip it if you like!

I went ahead and contoured my pig nose a bit with a bronzer. (Notice  those blended line starting at my eyebrow)

 And added a really peachy blush,well not blush exactly I cheated a bit and used the Cinnamon eyeshadow on my cheeks from Kryolan.

And here's the finished look.I'm not even wearing mascara so if you want even bigger lashes go ahead!

 Alternatively you can even wear a black khol like so ;I have just really intensified my outer corners.

Soooo what did you think of the look?Did you like the white kohl or Black khol pairing better?I hope these little tips and trick help,make it your own.Share with me too if you have any.
I had so much fun clicking this one :)

Seeyou soon till then,
Stay Chic

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An English Soiree

Yeah so by the time I post this some of you might be in deep slumber but for those patriotics owls like me a not-so patriotic post for you :)
This post was seen coming long back and we are extremely sorry about the same. Now we all know about Crabtree and Evelyn opening up their first store in Delhi but when it happened in Mumbai Honestly I had no clue about it. There are not one but three outlets in Mumbai itself. We weren't giving it a second thought to visit the 2-month old baby at Infinity Mall-2 in Malad. (We had our own share of traveling woes not to mention but boy when I don’t make it on time to events I realise I'm leaving on the other side).
Getting back to the event, Vellvette in collaboration with Crabtree and Evelyn organized this soiree to get tête-à-tête and to celebrate the launch of their new line “Gardeners Range”.


We were welcomed warmly by lovely Vineeta from Vellvette.I was absolutely amazed at how well she knew each of her early members. Time and again I have spoken to Jehan,Harlin ,Vineeta and Kaushik needlessly to say they are so much lovelier in person. Honestly this is the most personalized service I could ever bought for that budget.

The range available at Infinity Malad store :

We were briefed about the lovely brand representative - The inspiration, how the brand got its name and the collections available. The team also helped us find our signature scents. Most of us were naturally inclined towards India Hicks Island and a hot favourite with the ladies was “The nomad Range “for Men.

About the Gardeners Range [soothing herbs from the English garden]:

What the Brand has to offer with this range?

Inspired by the rich botanical of the rich botanicals of the English garden, our Gardeners Hand care range is adored even by those who have never touched a trowel. Our shea butter rich formula soothe and protect hands, and leave them scented with a blend of fresh green clover,lavender,sage,rosemary and thyme. The range includes:
·         Deep cleansing Hand Wash(250 ml)
·         Creamy Cleanser(250 mL)
·         Hand Recovery (100 gms)
·         Age-defying Hand Remedy(100 mL)
·         Hand Therapy( 50gms .100 gms.250gms)
·         Antibacterial Moisturising  Hand Gel(50 mL-250mL)
·         Nail and Cuticle Therapy(15 gms)


Also they have 4 lip butters and 3  lip glosses to offer.
I swatched  3 of the lip butters:

 Apple Lip tint

Citron Creme & Honey Lip Butter

Pomegranate & grapeseed Lip Butter

 Me trying to be all attentive ya 'know :P

We were briefed about the Brand by the brand representative.
The inspiration, how the brand got its name and the collections available. The team also helped us find our signature scents. Most of us were naturally inclined towards India Hicks Island and a hot favourite with the ladies was “The nomad Range “for Men.Also the yummy M.O.D. doughnuts and Cappuccino made was just and added bonus for me to stay.Well the mention of coffee reminds me that Coffee bean aroma helps to clear the nasal "palate" between smelling different fragrances. Think of the way sorbets are used to cleanse the palate between courses in a dinner. Sigh ! only if were offer a delicious cappuccino every time we tried perfumes instaed of smelling the coffee beans.(I have had my share of embarrassing moments where ate them when I was offered for smelling them! C'mon now don't judge me I was naive )

Some lovely Vanities in Evelyn rose and Lavender.

Not to forget the lovely hand spa session that we were given. Sheer Bliss I say!

I opted for the Citron ,Honey and coriander spa .

Ending the event with lovely notes and wishes.

 Also how can I forget the lovely goodybag :)

The personalized goody bags.I got a sample travel size tube of hand treatment from the La source range along with chocolates,a iris scented candle ,nail blings and anklet.But boy I lost the nail bling already ,even before clicking the pictures :/ Did you guys know how obsessed with looking at my name on stuff..yes I want everything custom made bitch :D

I know this has been a lot to take in I really tried to sum things up in short and there could be an error or two but grammar Nazis spare me this post J I want to keep writing about it .Ahhh I’m kinda just dreamy-eyed about it even as I write the post.

I really  hope you like my first post ,I finally covered an event.
p.s. All the views are my own I was not sponsored to write anything about the brand.
See you soon in my next post Munchkins till then
Stay Chic