Saturday, 24 December 2016

Holiday Dressing with Calae

If there's one absolute thing I love when it comes to the fad game— and trust me, I love a lot of things- It is asymmetrical clothing. Sure, symmetry is beautiful and pretty But maybe, the sartorial world isn't always supposed to be about what's "traditionally pretty" or "classic." Maybe it's supposed to be about individuality, uniqueness, and out-of-the-box ideas. An asymmetrical hem, silhouette, or detail can be easy ways to exercise that creativity.

There was a time when every influencer/blogger was obsessed with the ruched asymmetrical drape skirt. I'm sure everyone has seen a version. For us luckily fashion cycles are never really considered. Make a sack in  every colour that makes them look thin and let it rain.
For the holiday I  have partnered up with Calae and got my holiday game on with this
Donna Paulsen Dress. I paired this absolutely lovely body-hugging neoprene dress, sure it doesn't show off my bulges but really makes me feel good about myself, with this Chritian Siriano shoes and baubles from The bling Store. Love my hairdo by The Mad Hair Scientist who has given me a very playful look along with a side braid sans any rubber band which honestly makes it much easier for me to handle.

I love the cute little Coin purse I got off Koovs and would wear this look for movie to dinner date.

CALAE has recently released the campaign - IamCalae and has taken it upon themselves to encourage curvy women and empower them to be comfortable in their own skin & flaunt their curves. This dress just help me do that and I absolutely extent my support to this wonderful campaign.

For me Body Positivity came along very early. although I wouldn't claim to love my body even today 100 % but I own the damn thing. With the horrible snarls that I deal with everyday not only limited to offline aunties and uncles but also to some really mean people online.
My blog is my sole creative extension to vent out.

I had love to hear out your story this holiday season and don't forget to use the hashtag #IamCalae and #PlumpToPretty .I really would appreciate if ou share you experiences with me,
I will see you very soon.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

One of the 55 LBD's

Every girl is entitled to own 55 Little Black Dresses at least! haha, Well that's m version at least. I have a humongous wardrobe thanks to blogging I increase it additionally every week. I cannot even stress how my life revolves around clothes being in the industry and making one as a hobby too. Coming back to the notion of 55 LBD's this was one of my very first purchases from ZARA on sale obviously in 2012.I remember not finding much of options but was very ecstatic to get this one even without trying on. So the dress is really special to me 'cos I rarely shop offline because of the availability and also this being ZARA really.

The plunging neckline is not something I'm wary of but my mother is. No excuses but I h ad to wear a cami slip dress underneath(Big Girls, you know what I mean.?)
Here I'm seen in my wrap dress paired with pumps from Tresmode and Earrings from Voylla. My hair is definitely inspired by the Kala Khatta Mojito that you have to try at Rockville Bar & Diner. The Mad Hair Scientist has given me a lot of texture but a very laidback wavy hair. I'm wearing Chambor on my lips.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Festive Desk To Dinner with Calae

A question since time immemorial the Bodycon came into our fashion scene-"Can Plus Size Women wear Body Con dresses?"
I have always lusted over the bandage dresses that enviously, ladies wore and showed off their quite petite frame.
But for me, it has never been a question to stick to a rule/commandment when it comes to fashion. I don't try and limit myself to the do's and don'ts but bodycon can be quite unflattering and really quite a daunting task to wear when one has a paunch like me.

But if I have to answer In a single word YES, and in a few more words – if you can get comfortable with it.The dress definitely hugs you everywhere, all the bumps and curves, in all your magnificence.
So when I got the chance to choose some lovely pieces from Calae I  didn't shy away from choosing this particular dress. Not only does the dress take you from desk to dinner but is absolutely flattering. Being a design Ph.D. student that works and blogs on the side I  definitely have days around the clock. This dress is the perfect answer to my prayers- the black panels fits in the best way possible for a very Indian body type as mine and shows off the right curve. However, I do advise wearing a bodysuit like I do in almost all my short dresses.On my lips I have NYX Lip Suede cream.

I wore my dress paired with my satchel bag from Accessorize India and peep toes from Tresmode.

Now I really wanted you guys to know about Calae not 'cos they would pay me to influence you but genuinely I understand the absolute increasing need of good outfits that we would not think about before going out! I know you ladies and I feel you so much when we have to go through the glares and stares as if not finding our sizes wasn't a punishment in itself really. Here's comes CALAE, an establishing pilgrim to the bold, curvy and style-oriented women. They call themselves a one-stop shop for every kind of plus size clothing that curvy women between sizes 14-24 would need. You can expect to find women clothing like part dresses, contemporary styled sweaters and jackets, shirt, leggings, scarfs and much more.

What I really loved about the brand is their ideology to help its customers embrace their body types confidently and it definitely wants to change the way our society and mainstream media perceive and define beauty.It is evident in their styles and I can say one thing about the brand without throwing shade on other plus size brands is at least they make for some beautiful cuts and silhouettes.On-trends pieces like a bodycon dress or an off-shoulder top are so difficult to find for a big girl like me. 

So I either fend off to shop on international websites or resort to the likes of Colaba, Hill road or Sarojini.The pain to find even one well-fitted dress that would allow me to show my curves is almost painful.I'm a big online shopper having said that I even chose to buy groceries when I live alone. So a website that gives me a one stop solution like CALAE is more than welcome.

You can get the same piece at their website here 

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Year end Dawn for A Saree lover

Us girls I have an immemorial connect with our sarees.The wonder yard definitely gets the best of each woman varying maybe every 45 km's.I'm no expert form the saree glossary uproar in the country like never seen before but I definitely have had a change of mind, perception to the Indian handlooms all thanks to saree.The saree Pact made a huge difference to my learning.

We all love and know the versatility is something that makes the saree so so unique, how a single piece of cloth can be transformed into marvels in a jiffy seeking to suit no particular shape, size or gender really!

As the year comes to a close I couldn't have chosen a better outfit -a simple co-optex saree my father got one evening from his nonchalant outings really. Paired with my mum's beautiful ajrakh from Pracheen puts the outfit so uniformly, how two diverse craft forms make such a beautiful baby.

The hair is done by The Mad Hair Scientist, who has given me a side textured sleek fishtail braid bun tucked along some parrot latkans and fresh marigolds.I absolutely love the little bits of detail!

I also added a beautiful and much-cherished pair of pearl earrings from Calicut to complete the attire.Hoping you like the stark contrast of lilac hair, the mustard-red with a tinge of green.I absolutely love my sarees as much as I adore my minis.Here's to wishing everyone for an extraordinary and some resolute decisions ahead.I will see you soon in my next post.


Thursday, 8 December 2016

At the LACOSTE unveiling Women’s Fall-winter Collection 2016-17

Here's a great preview extent of what we witnessed at the
LACOSTE unveils its latest Women’s Fall-winter Collection 2016-17

LACOSTE is pleased to announce launch of their Fall-winter Collection 2016-17. It is a French clothing company founded in 1933 that sells high-end clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, eyewear, and most famously polo shirts. Following are the various collection under different categories that has been launched:

Women Collection

This start-of-season theme cleverly combines the aesthetics of 1990s nautical graphics with the modernity of colour blocks. Looks with refined lines and strong colours for a successful start to the year
between classicism and contemporary elegance.

Primary colours are mixed with a nuanced palette of blues and natural colours.

Bold stripes, colour blocks and graphics are borrowed from sailing.

Combining strength and lightness, nylon technical fabrics stand side by side
with twill, jacquard and cotton knit.

Lightweight blue cotton jacquard shirt to be worn with jeans for a total casual denim look, a navy three-quarter-length trench coat for a more urban look can be worn over a T-shirt with wide red-white-and-blue stripes and the heavy piqué graphic polo shirt can be combined at a push with suit trousers.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Boho Lite with Vajor

So generally when one dresses boho there is a lavish splash of accessories from bags to belts, bracelets, fringe earrings, elaborate hairstyle. I decide to go rather boho -lite and let my vajor dress shine through. The dress itself has such beautiful elements like the cut-out and the flared bell sleeves and detailing in blue. However I couldn't fit in even with the XL size so I added Rayon tie-dye fabric in two panels and a thin elastic band.
The Mad Hair Scientist took well almost over four hours to get my hair in order !We foil curled it making 8 shapes along as we went down lengthwise. Let me know if you guys want to see a tutorial we are really in drumdolls now!
Coming back to the outfit, I paired my dress with thong sandals from and this cute little sling from Forever 21.I got this in Bangalore when I was working.I love how the boho hippie style encompasses the characteristic details of the hippie style and merges them with the boho ideology. What do you think of the look and how would you style this dress,let me know?

I will write back to you in my next post.See you soon my loves.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Of Dark Florals and Braids

Hello my butter popcorns,

It's been quite some time since I last flaunted shorts. We all live in apprehensions all our life even if ones' skinny. I'm addressing to all our insecurities  no matter at what size always haunts us. I have my own inhibitions but one thing my experiences have taught me that giving it a chance once whether be it a cuisine, a fear that you wish to overcome or in this instance a fashion fad. I urge you, ladies, to break your own shackles and experiment with that one clothing item that you all have rolled it to the back of your wardrobe ,try it on take a selfie -wear it around the house you have to! It's crazy how you can a piece of clothing make you feel so different about yourself, accept that damn birthmark you got it from your folks or the scar on the knee you got when cycling.
 Coming back to the post I have several black dresses and yet again I picked up this piece from Billabong. Honestly, it's pretty short and well I don't  live in a society where it doesn't make uncle and aunties squirm in their pants,I paired it with shorts. Alternatively, I wear it with high   waisted skinny Lan pants and some pointy heels and make it another on the go outfit for dinner. But here I'm wearing totally coordinated with my hair ,a blue bralette from Enamor and shorts from the Old navy.

*Also super obsessed with tassels!*

The hair has been done by The Mad Hair Scientist in boxer braids and the makeup I have played with browns and mauve from The Balm Palette -Meet the Matte(s).For My lips am wearing Chambor and dabbed some plum eyeshadow.

Let's take a minute to put the spotlight on  these uber comfortable chunky heels. Now to be quite frank with you guys it wasn't really a love at first sight. I loved how it looked on other girls and the fact that these 90's babies were so coming back with a twist. I have to say, these are the most comfortable heels I own and I can totally wear them the entire day without much strain on the ball of the foot. I have shuffled from airports o train and fashion weeks and it's been a breeze.I got it from KOOVS on a discount ,will update the name of the brand super soon.

I had so much fun shooting this look and do remember guys do share your take with me.I will talk to you super soon again, till then