Wednesday, 13 July 2016

An introduction to Men's Lifestyle blog by Plump To Pretty

“Men must understand the need to have style and make an effort to enhance it.” This is often difficult for you college kids that may not have a lot of money or time to worry about it, or quite frankly even care about it. As you evolve into young men, or maybe you’re already there, figure out what type of person you are and express that in your clothing.  Whether you like it or not, your clothing, hair, shoes, etc., are all going to send a message to everyone you encounter. This will not change for the rest of your life. You might as well try to control that message for accuracy.

It’s time we bought back our Menswear style station back to blog. With Yashvardhan leaving the blogging picture with us it became more difficult to put up style posts every week! But we totally agreed to the fact that the guy who has been doing my hair for years now needs to be infront of the lens for his eminent taste in fashion. Trust me he can make trash bag looks good.

“Over the years it has become increasingly more socially acceptable for guys to appreciate and care about this notion of “self-presentation.”  Guys are spending significantly more money on clothes and grooming products now than they ever have in the past. With this cultural change, the unwritten archaic style laws for men’s fashion are being challenged.

Your personal preferences and behaviors can help define your style.  For instance, maybe (like me) you hate tying your shoes.   Incidentally, I have the same rule with underwear. “ I only wear it when I’m at the gym, or running.  I never understood how men stuff their boxers into their jeans like a diaper.  Boy that looks comfortable!”-I’m quoting Sanky here totally!


Personally, when choosing the vest and how it will be worn, the length of the vest was most important to me.Sizing does vary by company, so when choosing your vest you should wear a blazer that you feel is the most fitting of being worn with a vest. Personally, when wearing a vest outside of my blazer I like the fit to be about the same length-wise or just a bit shorter. Obviously, if you plan to wear the vest under you suit jacket or other blazers you will want the fit to be shorter and possibly not as “bubbled” so take away some of the padded look.

Sanky paired my Koovs vest and cut the armholes to my comfort and depth along with these grey denims from Forever 21.Completed the look with shoes from Knotty Derby for Koovs.

Shot by the fabulous Ridge Adrian Photography

We are working on our next posts already.See you super soon and let me know about your feedback about this blogpost.
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Monday, 11 July 2016

Stay Weird,Stay Organic-An Ancient Living Association

I often rave about beauty items that have impressively long ingredients list with various natural extract and oils on my snapchat. Plum cosmetics has been one such brand I've been consistently using over a year now so is Body Shop and Kama Ayurveda! However I have noticed is that many of my top favorite top beauty items that I turn to without having any problems with my skin actually contain only certain ingredients:

Being a big believer that scents can affect our mood, I often (sometimes even subconsciously) choose scents that are calm and not overpowering.
The best creations happen when you love and believe in something so much it becomes the way of living.

Okay, people. It’s time to start paying attention to what you’re putting on your face. There are some really unhealthy things in the makeup products you use every day… and ingredients like pthalates, parabens and lead that have been linked to cancer, hormonal imbalances and skin problems. 

Kalyani Ji happens to be a mutual friend that I met at a very culturally auspicious space in Hyderabad. They had a small pop up shop at the space carrying their varied products. Now I was extremely apprehensive about trying any skincare really, Let alone buying something i saw for the very first time. I had a major adult acne issue going as I couldn’t cope up much with hyderabad weather and change in food. I picked up their face pack for acne, now I’m not the religious kinds at all when it comes to makeup or skincare. But 2016 I happened to take a resolution less of makeup and more of skincare. I used the pack over my entire face with Amritam rose water from Good Earth and really didn’t feel much of a difference. So I added the mud pack to my face wash every morning and started using as  light scrub.Well there were no visible changes so far!
I re-read the instruction time and again which said it was only to be applied as a spot treatment  but then who cared about the rules.

With the onset of my menses the acne were acting up and I decided to give the spot treatment a try. Voila! The next morning the acne not only visibly shrunk but there was no pus too! I have been religiously using it since then and follow with a C-T-M routine. My skin is visibly clearer but also supple to say the least.

Let’s talk about the Journey of Ancient Living so far.Ancient Living has a legendary heritage of 4 generations of wise people living in close contact with a farming and eco-system.

About the brand 

Coming from this lineage, Mr B.N. Rao is extremely passionate about sustainable organic farming. He spent over 4 decades on his farm  growing different species of medicinal herbs and aromatic plants.
Growing up on her family farm, Kalyani Gongi , daughter of Mr Rao, was surrounded by rich and bountiful nature, that made her a very ecologically sensitive person. Her father imparted valuable knowledge about the healing qualities of various herbs growing on their farm. That instilled a deep sense of wonder and gratitude to Mother Earth.
She was inspired by the way Indians lived in the ancient bygone times and made efforts to find out the long lost Ayurvedic secrets of skin, hair and health care. Ancient Living was founded by her in 2010 to cater to eco conscious customers who value organic Ayurvedic products made out of farm fresh herbs and essential oils. The first batch of skin and hair care products were made from farm grown produce utilizing ancient Ayurvedic recipes. While most of the herbs came straight out of the farm, few others were sourced from other sustainable Organic farms. As our eco sensitive customer base and product line grew exponentially we started procuring our raw materials from other organic farmers across India. We are grateful to our farmers whose untiring efforts generate the best organic produce.

Now about the products and what I’m including in this giveaway!
I will be giving out two boxes containing different products each along with a goodies bag from AL.
I personally use them hence I had really love for you guys to try!
1.Ancient Living Manjistha Face wash
2. Basil Essential Oil  -The Oil Of Good Health
3. Organic Tulasi & Neem face pack
4. A variant of Soaps like
      I.            Neem & Lemon Luxury Handmade Soap
   II.            Orange Luxury Handmade Soap
III.            The multani mitti soap

So here are the Giveaway Rules:

I had really like to make it simple.

1.You got to like The Facebook page for Plump to Pretty & Ancient Living to be eligible in the contest.
2.Brownie points if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat.

3.Have to tag 2 of your best friends and tell me why you want your friends to have it.
That’s it once you have completed all the steps just comment DONE on the facebook post.I will choose the winner on 20th July 2016.All the love and luck to you my darlings.