Monday, 30 September 2013

The Canary Talk

Hello sunshine,Back with a post.Here’s a quickie! Like literally .Super easy tutorial on being a canary ,oh and a LOTD too!
So here’s what you need to zero on :
A primer(used FACES metallic eyeshadow primer)
Any bright eyeshadow that you want to blind the people with! (NYX’s matte in the shade )
Concealer (probably a tone lighted than what you usually use)
A cream  base eyeshadow(Used Maybelline Tattoo 24 hour cream eyeshadow in Fierce and Tangy)
Eyebrow pencil and brow kit that you usually use.( and if you are naturally the Cara well I envy you)
A black Gel liner(I prefer Ickonik from Kryolan)

The pictures are pretty much self explanatory as for the lips I went duo lips shade .Also this is a great trick for girls who want a pretty luscious lips.I used two different lip colours.And here’s the LOTD.

And here’s the LOTD. Okay even Ikind agree the liner is way too Cleopatra cube but then where is the fun without experimenting! Tell me if you  will hop on the wagon or you like your ferocious cat too much to give up!
I have an exciting OOTD post lined up this week.Stay tune and Stay Chic!


Friday, 20 September 2013

An ode to the elizabeth's maidens and the likes

Today I seriously can't think of a name for you, ahh no I'm just PMS'ing ,sorry if I just grossed you out. I'm the unnecessary
over-sharer soughts.
So the look of the day is inspired by not just a particular women but for a period and let’s just say am the filmy sorts so over several period movies :Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth :Golden Age, Vanity Fair and Anna Karenina to name a few  .I’m doing more o a toned down version of the look say like a woman in the court would wear something like this one fine evening  .The veil and the headgear are  handmade by me,which brings me to announce that I shall be taking orders for custom headgears ,hairbands,veils,pins very soon
Like any fashion, make-up went through highs and lows of popularity through the centuries, indeed, from decade to decade.  
In the victorian era, a healthy and natural complexion was valued (or pale and delicate look), especially for young people. However, makeup was used, but it was a bit of a taboo and certainly not to be revealed to others. A point of clarification; make-up was not a term used commonly until after 1870.* Cosmetics referred to anything applied to the skin of a medicinal nature, and embellishments were pastes, powders and paints, used to alter appearance. All of these products were purchased at local apothecary (pharmacist) shops and through doctors or, for the very wealthy, ordered from specialist dealers abroad. There were also home-made versions, and even the poor where known to indulge. So, yes, people did wear make-up throughout the 19th century, subtly and garishly.
  • As part of their “toilet” in the morning ladies of leisure would ensure well plucked eyebrows, perhaps trim their eyelashes, and daub castor oil onto their eyelids and lashes.
  • To hide freckles, blotches, or redness, they could dust on rice powder or, the most expensive option, ground pearl powder.
  • On their lips they might apply a clear pomade (beeswax) for a shine and to provide protection from the elements, and some contained dye to discreetly accentuate the lip colour, crushed flowers and carmine (made from the female cochineal insect) being favoured. A recipe for lip balm included evergreen bugloss, also known as alkanet, a common weed with blue flowers that provides red dye, the root in particular (but does nothing for chapped lips).
  • For a healthy complexion, and to contrast the very pale skin of the privileged class, red beet juice or a carmine dye could be massaged into the cheeks. For bright eyes, a drop of lemon or orange juice in each eye would be used, and was considered a cleansing method.
I think that’s enough with gyaan but history and more like period costumes has always mesmerised me, getting an opportunity to study the same I decided to share this information with you and also if you would like to add on it would be appreciated.
For this look I have very elaborate eyes and  lips .

And then i decided to go in goth veil bride sought look :P


If you haven't noticed yet ,I do make that towel look pretty,don’t I?

I hope you enjoy the LOTD I’ll be back soon on how to recreate the look.
Stay tuned till next post.Stay Chic!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sealing the day with my Girlies and bubbles at FNO

 Ahmm today I really don't how to address you guys so lets skip it :P.
Ahhh no I can always come up with cute names no? So Afternoon my Kitty Purries (Okay I did cheat a little,and  if you don't get it I'm not telling you either way)
As soon as I entered the venue I knew there were way  more experienced  bloggers than me ,the event would be covered in oh-so fine maneuver.

But then here I'm not letting you pass on until you hear my side of story.
 C'mon everybody got their own version and what's India without all that Jazz (read garam masala). So the event,honestly I do  not understand that gung-ho over the FNO|
.It was just another major sale with sparkling champagne flowing freely ,socialite snobbing each other down and well Bollywood making the paid appearances.
No I'm not making it sound mad I was crazy about being there and we drove # hours straight to get there.
September 5 marks the arrival of Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Mumbai for the first time.
And India's top designers have created keepsake T-shirts and bags for our late-night shopping party taking place at Mumbai's Palladium mall.
Started in September 2009 by Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue US, the event takes place all over the world from Moscow to Mumbai.

I had my own tryst,I met my design heroes Sabyasachi and Anita Dongre and well let's just say for me the whole event paid off(And then ofcourse there was Varun Dhawan*starry eyed* and he looks so much better in person and ll the girls swooning and mobbing him!)
On the other hand whilst writing the post ,I got to know about AYUSHMANN KHURRANA being there (Yes I'm screaming his name) while Me(stupid monger) was hogging at TGIF .I want to stab myself ,well not really .(somebody volunteer,I swear I will use   a blunt knife :P) I did manage to get a picture and it couldn't get better.

As for FNO  tshirts, they  were amazing ! My favourite being the Maharani necklace  t-shirt by Sabyasachi!

Couturiers Sabyasachi and Monisha Jaising made T-shirts and graphic geniuses Manish Arora and Play Clan designed the bags. SO if you have missed out on the FNO ,Join the party now by  ordering your Vogue FNO India merchandise online at

Coming back to what I wore now Delhi FNO's were all ooh-aahs and women are dressed to the T,while in Mumbai it's a little more laid back comfy and distinct fashion.I knew the t-shirts wont even be available in my size ,else I would have totally customised it my way,I decided to make a dress.The cloth if you look carefully has got the stamp prints and was an instant choice.So a day down and there I was with my dress well not so happy about it turned out!But what the heck I was escastic to just wear something I made.Paired it with the chunkies from DONE by NONE to add the pop of colour,really subdued drop earring from YOUSHINE and the owl- clutch from KUNST by lovely Deepika.Take a look at what I wore !

Here with my personal photographer and hairstylist Sanky,however here it's a natural bedhead (with a l'il sprays, mousses and blow dry done by myself) no credits for you today.

The closeup of my makeup before I went all haywire :D

The back -view well , of my dress not my derrière .

And with sabyasachi and anita dongre( I practically dance everytime  I look at these two pictures)

So that's the blabbering for the day ,I know am absolutely late with the post but then it could be a flashback and how many times do you get to read a hormone engrossed post like these?And if you aren’t bored of these picture take a look here :
I will see you  guys in my next post very soon well that’s cost I have a lot of posts lined up :D  Haha,no I miss you too much to stay away I swear!
Stay Chic