Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Adorned One by Nubella

Bright and inventive colour combinations are important this season, while the influence of street style impacts silhouette and style.A romantic mood is created via sweet vintage florals such as the classic rose while frills continue to bring a feminine dimension to the season,as states the WGSN too.

In the words of top and everybody's favourite model Ashley Graham "It's not just about size anymore, It's about inclusivity "Luckily we have some wonderful brands catering to our sensibility in India now. One of my definitive favourite and what I personally like to shop from .
The outfit I wear is something that I would wear to work sans the high block heels, I would swipe them for matallic loafers.The jacket is by Nubella isa limited edition baby-it has a detailed floral motif handpainted to each jacket that definitely makes it one of it's kind.

The outfit it so complete yet has this subdued elegance with a hint of sexiness. As a plus size girl cleavage is that unwarranted aunty that decide to pay you a visit of course almost leaving you red faced in public sometimes. this jacket not only comes to you rescue but also does much making a statement. I loved the sleeves and the neckline as it doesn't accentuate to give a droopy look and the sleeves being flared, are extremely c beautiful. Th e jacket is made in poplin is perfect for not only in betweens but also as a good piece of layering.


I'm wearing the KELSIE HAND PAINT POPLIN JACKET you can find it here

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Floral Retroluxe

I have previously collaborated for a fun shoot with Nubella in a colour that you probably would never see me in.The beautiful colour and fit of the top is not something I find very easily in a top. Missed out on reading that blogpost, read them here.
Like dresses are my got to options tops and basics pieces which I might say are wardrobe staples are extremely hard to come in my size.
Nubella definitely makes some great ones-they have an entire line dedicated to different body shape type that one can literally build their wardrobe on. This season I partnered up again with Nubella but this time in a floral zone-yes floral are one of those trends that have become classics. And with the never-ending variations, it's absolutely amazing to see how season after season they keep reinventing themselves!

For this blog post I tried to imbibe my very vintage vibe given how bleached my hair is right now.
I shot the entire look in millennial pink meets flute dress meets Mumbai chic.Now you may ask yes you have heard the word millennial pink but what is it anyway.To describe it literally ahmm.. that’s the tricky part. It’s sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon.I like to date it back to watching one of my favorite Wes Anderson's movie Grand Budapest.If I was a character I would definitely dress up like this.
So coming back to the look I 'm wearing the Bonnie Tailored Shift dress with not a single drop of foundation/powder/concealer but just lipstick.Yes, you heard it! And complimenting it well with my INTOTO suede sandals and Tassel earrings by Kunst and a chic curly mop by Sanky Evrus.The dress not only fits like a dream but is so so comfortable ,the rayon fabric clings only onto the right places.The sleeve detailing and ruffled hem is, of course, my favorite things about the dress.You can buy them here.

Coming up next on the blog are more exciting stories, stay tuned!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A day with the artifacts of Bombay ft. Vajor & Love Them Curves

I have always felt that if you knew what you were going to do in advance, you would never do it! The great capability starts when you are curious. And that is absolutely what describes our collaboration for the second time.
I remember watching this TED Talk filmed at TEDGlobal London in September 2015, where Ole Scheeren favors what he describes as the “detrimental straightjacket” of the modernist mantra “form follows function” in approval of a phrase he attributes to Bernard Tschumi, “form follows fiction.”

My relationship to architecture can be described as a need to know basis.I just happened to chance upon times where I could study in-depth the resources available to me through my line of work. It sure as hell was the marvel, it makes me scrutinize the hardship they must have undergone to create something so monumental yet so intricate. I mean we have a world of resources today and yet we fail to get a building to stay for straight 4years.Mumbai has a perfect balance of Neo-Classical to Gothic infrastructure carefully disjointed by the grand effrontery of Victorian eclecticism

When Vishakha came to Mumbai it was that PERFECT time to get touristy again. And south Mumbai is the epitome of what the Britishers left in store for us.It is definitely my favourite part of the city where English meets Bawa and everything seems like a settled chaos.

Of all the cities that I have been to, I can vouch for it being one of the most captivating city,  it's a place that one can feel utterly overwhelming for the first time. Either you hate it or you fall in love with it-The pace is extremely frenetic, the roads frantic, and the whole place seems to thrive off a remorseless energy. I also honestly don't quite understand the idea of comparing two cities-this arguments has given rouse to endless arguments and possibly a crack in friendships. I hold both my cities in a very special place, Delhi is my hometown. There's so much to see that it can be hard to know where, to begin with, for me honestly nothing takes away from the spectacular architecture that remains of the colonial times here. Away from these popular tourist spots, there is so much else to indulge in, from trendy and traditional street food to a game of cricket at the vibrant Wankhede Stadium. When Vishakha came to Mumbai it was that PERFECT time to get touristy again. And south Mumbai is the epitome of what the Britishers left in store for us.It is definitely my favorite part of the city where English meets Bawa and everything seems like a settled chaos.I luckily grew up in an area that displayed extraordinary work-whether it was the school my brother studies in Don Bosco or the ritualistic visits with Dad to the GPO for his stamp collection to shopping with my mum in crawford, the architectural tunes have always played faintly in the background.

 We chose the heart of South Mumbai as our backdrop to signify our second look. It's perfect touristy thing to wear when voyaging around the city. I love how to put together yet comfortable we are in out respective outfits. I absolutely love the way jumpsuit fits and looks on Vishakha and the retro way she styled it. I'm an easy maroon dahlia tunic which is my go-to style. I'm also wearing my hair super straight and long with earrings from Vajor itself and uber comfy loafers for a touch of bling.

The dress makes me feel absolutely comfortable and is the right amount of sexy with a hint of cleavage peeking through these carefully placed buttons and the beautiful pom pom detailing. I truly adore dresses with pockets which I'm sure gets many of us excited.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and our chemistry which has been a pain for ridge and sanky to tolerate. But they always do!

See you super soon in the third look of our collab, Salaam Namaste


Sunday, 1 October 2017

What home feels like...BomBae

I definitely can't take the credit of coining the term BomBae but most certainly attain rights over the word as any other of my counterparts breathing in the humid air here. I can be completely confident there are many cities world that one explores in their lifetime. When one travels they come back with tons of memories- some good while others a new learning to the way a city/town/village treats you. You recall them for a couple of days and then get back to your regular routine in your own city to which you belong. But, then there are some cities-the people you meet there that leave more than an  impression on your life. Travel teaches you something which you’d never experience anywhere else. One of those cities is Mumbai! For me, Mumbai is home. It has been a fascination not only in terms of the fact how the city has a perfect zine of balance amongst itself. If you know me my perpetual quest has been finding and making that little nuance of the city my own. During my styling finals, I breathed life into the inanimate objects of Mumbai-everything from cutting chai to local trains that speak the length and breadth of the city to me.

For the post, the intention was to collaborate with

1.the friendship I genuinely harbor with my fellow blogger, which is extremely rare for me to find a safe space beyond the virtual wall. Here there was some instant connect with Vishakha. She has written beautifully about us and I wouldn't ruin it for you, so let me redirect you to her here

2.Our relationship with the cities-Delhi and Bombay: What I instantly connect and agree with Vishakha is that we don't tend to compare both the cities. It's every kind of home for both of us-one that we were born in/lived in and one that we chose. I quite can't wrap my head around the fact how the tiff never ends.

3.To get onboard with a brand that our sensibilities match with. A very important aspect of our speaks about who we chose to partner with, what is the message being propagated through our blogs. We both can promise that we duly look after the quality content. Vajor has been a beautiful brand not only in its sensibility but its sense of designs, aesthetics, and inclusivity. I absolutely adore their collection and how particular they are about their collection update. I genuinely could live in Vajor for decades. The amazing thing is they extend to XXL which is an absolute boon for me!

Here's a glimpse of what we wore for our first look. They are definitely the most comfortable dresses. Also, have I ever wore 3 different kinds of stripes in a single dress and look flattering? Hell no! Vajor is capable of creating that magic. I would wear it (in fact I have been ) to brunches, to work and even casual dates nights with my girlfriends. I paired it up with my Mustard block heels and pearl drop earrings. Vishkaha is sporting a beautiful floral print twirl spree. It's even gorgeous in person.

Happy to be finishing up the second draft of t his series as I post this on the blog. Let me know what do you think about our collaboration.Don't forget to checkout  Vajor's festive collection!
Looking forward to seeing you in the next posts