Friday, 30 March 2018

Summer Vibes in Shein

Summer in Mumbai is almost a season we experience probably throughout the year.As and humid as it gets I love the vibrance it brings around with the closet. As a child, summertime fun in the sun began with the ringing of the last bell of the day at school. It signified that it was time to do away with all the old homework assignments and to forget about anything to do with school for three months at least. Summertime is a time of simple pleasures and exciting times of the year. Three months of late night sleepovers with best friends, hanging out at the Galleria/water park, and not having to worry about homework had been lingering in the mind since classes began in the fall. When summer vacation finally rolls around, I can never make up my mind-on what to do first. Shall it be riding bikes to the park with friends or hanging out at the mall? One thing was for certain though, the family vacation.
Things have certainly changed so much for me now, my vacations not limited to summer but well bound by the institutions I teach at  I do take small getaways more often. One thing I relish about growing up is really just able to support myself for the free will to go just about anywhere.
In this blog I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses. I absolutely love swinging between boho and vintage styles and somehow prefer to favour more boho prints on a day to day basis. Today I will be talking about my SHEIN shopping experience. So I have to give it to my students at Pearl that told me about the website and Initially I was as apprehensive about the Chinese shopping website experience and how long it would take. Now first you need to understand the kind of shopper I am. I have been shopping online since 2012.I remember buying a zodiac t-shirt from a gifting website. Moral being I never shy away from experimenting and really voicing it out if I have a concern with the customer care.

 I really imagine it to be a very user-oriented experience. I finally surfed the website for a good 10 days before putting stuff in my cart. My very first order I put was a lingerie-a cage bra I wanted to try. Well, can I just say it was a simple bummer? The lingerie after looking at the size chart I ordered 4 xl and well I could squeeze half my boob in, so unless you are a perky 32 B that really knows her size do not shop for lingerie, at least not my plus-sized babes from the regular section. They have 9introduced new plus size segment-which I' yet to try. The other one being a shirt for my mum with pearls beautiful adorning the entire shirt was a perfect fit at XXL from the regular segment-it didn't fit me though. I ordered a skirt for myself which was well a tad bit loose at XXL for me but I have made it work. Will put the picture of the skirt below.

And honestly, one I had the confidence of how fast the order reaches to me and how easy the exchange is I have made SHEIN my go-to website for fast fashion. What I absolutely like if that they actually include the new trends in clothes that are my size and actually comfortable.
The latest order I got is of the maxi wraparound dress I got , as seen below.

Taken from the

Now I ordered a size 3XL and it was a snug fit. Now I don't really shy away from showing my assets off but to much discretion of my mum, I decided to style it a little differently. I'm wearing a slip dress below to sanctify the dress a bit.I paired the dress with these beautiful INTOTO heels I received along with tassel earrings from   H&M.

About sizings-things you must know is a double check on size guide for every garment usually. It is all mentioned in inches. I have ordered from the regular segment too and so far I'm pretty happy with the quality. My biggest must buys are the swimsuit and bodysuits that I get from the website but you have to be extra careful here since they do not have a return on intimate items. The shopping experience has been extremely pleasant and I have given quite a good number of business t them. I mean if I have to find an ASOS like aesthetic sans the customs drift this is my website and I completely vouch for it. The exchanges are also a very hands-on process, it does take a bit of effort but works in your favour trust me. I have always ordered on cash on delivery basis.
Summing up the post here I have a big thumbs up for SHEIN and you must try it too. And this is definitely not a sponsored post from their end so all my views are as honest as it gets. Hope this was helpful and let me know if there any more queries I  had love to answer. See you super soon my tomatoes.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Valentine- A rendezvous with Self

Are you wondering what is my blospost's title too?
Being a propagator of self-love it would only seem wrong to me to wait for someone to come along to make myself loved again. Self Love today is propagated as one of the best selling product lines to anything and everything. What we fail to understand that it really extends to more than just the physical aspect of it. Yes, it the most textural and identifiable shade of our identity that makes our first impression. But there's always going to be more to it than the physical aspect.

I partnered up with Afamado for a special valentine's day look. And no I'm not going on a date but treat myself to a staycation (almost a hideout)

Now if you have that special someone I'm all for decking up for the date and head out of the city, whatever you may choose to do I have styled an option for you.The salmon blush dress is your go-to guide to the season's valentines color.The wrap dress clings perfectly to your body, and the flare sleeves only add to the drama.Flash a hint of cleavage with the beautiful neckline. You always need to drop a hint for that pendant he's been promising you.

I wore mine with Stardust earrings  and bar ring by Designer  "Thezie Savino"

along with heels from Intoto.I love how I can wear this comfortable look from day to night. What is your valentine day's plan,, let me know?

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Of Label and It's Austerities Ft.LAstinch

The questions I'm asked more than often.I decided to pour my heart into this blog post.Here is everything I could have answered honestly. The labels  I have been typecasted into, this outfit seems like the most subtle way to tear up from this 

-Growing up, how did you envision yourself when you're older?
I always thought I would have that flat stomach, frankly, I have wished too many birthday candles to miraculously to wake up to a flat stomach. You see I have always been the chubby kid that would be the first one to get into the pool to hide her thick thighs.

-How often do you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see?
As often as I pass by the when-I probe, poke wonder how much could plastic surgery change my face, body! Promised me to be a healthier self, do some jumping jacks and then roll on the bed thinking how much of chore that was.

-I understand that you faced your dislike for your chin during the shoot? How was your experience? 
I have always had issues with myself being photographed. Growing up being told that how much of a pretty face I had that people would just dismiss looking at my body I have probably centred my attention to my face too much and somewhere that still lives on, I'm way concerned about my double chin-my paunch, my muffin top, and the way the fat folds over my knees. There are literally all the points that I look at when I'm photographed. But here I'm today baring it all.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

RSVP it with Afamado

New Year's Eve is right around the corner and while there are a ton of options as how you would be sending the night away,I had to come with a new y ear lookbook. The choices to go minimal to outrageous in terms of dressing up is completely one's choice but I chose on to find 6 beautiful dresses to gather everyone attention.
So I nosedived straight ahead to get you guys a beautiful lookbook idea for New years eve. As a plus size woman, the options are limited but certainly out there.The fact we all vie for Black, in particular, I got down to searching the perfect black dress that would suit most body shapes when it comes to us curvy ladies.

My first inspiration obviously dates back to my first pick as vintage. My hair was put up in a curly mop of 40's by The mad Hair scientist.I paired my dress with a sequinned clutch matching it with my shoes(yes, sometimes I do play by the rules).

What I absolutely love about the dress is how beautifully shapes up the silhouette and this is only a possibility when you have a dress made to measure. Afamado does just that, the fabric used is such that clings to your body in the right way hence it's important to keep the fit in regard. The statement sleeves have these beautiful Morticia Adams to it and I absolutely love the exaggerated flare. Trust me you had be absolutely comfortable without worry about plunging hemline or necklines. The dress can be purchased here 

you can accessorize it with different belts and achieve a different look every time, that's what a versatile LBD can do.  Wait for my next 5 dresses to find your perfect dress until D-Day! See you super soon

Dress Afamado
Clutch Kunsta by Diksha
Footwear Intoto
Earrings Vajor
Hair Sanky Evrus
Photographed by Kaustabh Kale

Friday, 15 December 2017

Victorian Candyfloss featuring StalkBuyLove

There have been so many inspirations throughout history that I strive to try on my blog. Yes, I 'm much rooted in the history of fashion like that but unable to translate the entire look.

Also one of the reasons I don't do it is not to make it look entirely costum-ey! Is that even a word?
Here's my mood board for this post,I always make one before I write my posts -hence decided must post it too!

My love for history has actually enabled me enough to be a lecturer at a design school in Mumbai- this gives me unprecedented access to lots of books. So while I was teaching my classes about Queen Elizabeth I swelled deep into not books but documentaries/ movies. We see the influence time to time in different variations but what if I had to make it my own, how would I do it. I wondered.

Story's second part goes on to how much I surf online shopping websites before doing anything else on the web is not even a joke. To get me in my zone I need to know what's happening with the e-com retailers. So I stumbled upon a pink shirt dress with beautiful collar. Now okay, I have very little or no neck(m no hate there) but I wondered if I could carry the dress. What the heck, I ordered it anyway-the things pink can make you feel. Cut to Goa and on last Day I knew how perfectly my Intoto heels matched my dress and my clutch from Kunst. I had to do something about it.

And could I have found a better location with a better name---PINK CHILLI
We started to shoot the look and Sanky did the most wonderful tight curls-Well I do look like somebody caught up between the kitsch time machine of today and Victorian era really. This looks however put together may not be what I imagined it to be but this is why I started the blog really. To feel unsettled, to take more fashion risks and not know what result I had wished upon.

My eye makeup is really a simple winged liner and pink lipstick to complete the overdose. You can get this dress from StalkBuyLove, heels(absolute love) from Intoto and beautiful sequinned clutch from Kunst by Diksha.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

My Bacardi Weekender with Lastinch & a bunch of Right folks

There is a time for a lot of firsts in our lives.2017 definitely was one of them and one of a kind. Right from being featured in ELLE to wearing swimsuit publicly to attending NH7 to watch Cigarette after Sex (total legit goal if you ask me), I have experienced quite a few personal goals these years. Yes at 26 these are goals for, as frivolous as I may sound.
And if you haven't gathered thoughts around my hints already Yes this is a mere lowdown on what I did at NH7. I definitely planned on documenting all my looks and things I did there but in complete honesty, I was completely absorbed (or maybe feeling myself too much) in the vibe. I had not expected to enjoy so much as this was going to be my first-hand experience at well everything to do with Weekender.

Personally, I'm extremely big on planning. I really like my travel lines to be absolutely figured out in terms of logistics and stay options, I will always have a second option ready in the back of my head. So until Thursday night, we did not have a place to stay and well then Pransh happened. He owns a beautiful Duplex in Koregaon park which was enough for us eight people.

For all three days, I chose extremely basic outfits, something that I would be comfortable for the whole day.I even repeated my Goa outfit for the second look.
My emphasis was more towards the hair. Hence for my first day, I chose to go with an extreme disco trashy vibes for my hair and makeup. Sanky chose to give me a very textural wave for a soft and effortless appearance. The Partings vary from middle to deep off-centre positions, while lengths are pulled forward to sit loosely over the shoulders. Hair has a soft sheen rather than matte texture. My makeup was big spidey lashes with mauve eyeshadow, On my lips, I wore a sheen pink lip cream and kept my skin extremely glossy. The shirt is borrowed from Sanky's closet paired with a metallic cami from H & M and OLD NAVY shorts.

For my last day I was watching my favorite band Cigarette after sex  I chose to wear a comfy t-shirt dress by Lastinch with beautiful detailing in of course a punk way.
Youthful and playful, pigtails emerge on the streets of Seoul and Tokyo. Styles range from double plaits to bubble ponytails which are created using colored hair ties. I wore my extremely comfy trainers.For My makeup, I Underlined My eye literally With Turquoise.

Day 1


Day 3

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Happy Spaces With Vajor

As a creator, I often myself deriving inspiration around me to weave a story. I had kept this dress as a memoir 'cos it looked like something my grandmother would pass on to me and when I happen to visit maternal home I was more than happy to flutter it around.
So come Thanksgiving and I know we are not an American family but nevertheless, we wanted yet another reason to be thankful for everything we have had and things that were yet to step in our lives.
What is unique about the space is its beautiful sepia-toned lighting and cosy spaces that make you want to bundle up with a book and chai and not interact with anyone but yourself. I say pretty similar to what the dress does to me too-the beautiful hand block printed along with foil detailing is as bit comfortable as it is festive.
Enough room for that yum food on the table and realm with tassels and pockets,
the right amount of ruffles this dress will keep you more than engaged.
I'm wearing a size XXL which is a lil loose for me given its silhouette but honestly, the dress needs absolutely zero accessorizing and you guys know how big I am on maxis that need minimum styling-this is your go-to dress. Here's a glimpse of my family time sans the familia from the picture but I will definitely show you space around.

I will see you on my Instagram feed waiting for your suggestions and feedback for my next blog post, till then Xoxo