Saturday, 16 June 2018

That Summer Air featuring Afamado

Hello my queens,

I have written numerous post about custom-made clothing from Afamado and it is no secret the custom fit clothing can play a miraculous role when it comes to different body types. What brands often have failed to understand that even plus size bodies aren't all hourglass proportionately same. Even in outsize's there are several different body types-not all of us have the ample bosom the voluptuous ass and a tiny waist to match with. Afamado bridges that gap and creates clothing to suit your boldly and not the other way around. Elaborating on to my outfit here I am quite the collector when it comes to wrap dress and I actually favour them 'cos they always wind up above my muffin tops and help me create the perfect illusion. Most brands/labels are using some form of vanity sizing by now, and they are reluctant to unwilling to abandon this strategy which has helped swell the customer self-esteem ( of course keeping in mind it's short-term, for as long as they use the same vanity sizing for all their collection). The problem with vanity sizing is that it leads to false sense of self-esteem as all the bands would not follow the same. This could do much more harm to consumers mind frame than to boost the sales. Which brings me to the dire need of standardization when conflicted with that of bespoke clothing. Bespoke. Which most of us can’t afford, money-wise or time-wise.  Also, If everything was made bespoke and all components manufactured by different individuals then it would likely be uncommon for things to fit well. With all the ranges and variations of our bodies, a good fit is found in clothing that shall be solely manufactured for you, from your unique measurements. And this requires a different manufacturing model; one where profitability doesn’t require multi-thousand item runs of a single size.
It means “fit” is measured not as cookie cutter parameter sizes, however, defined and redefined or standardized, but rather in the way you gauge it: as fitting you. This is what they do at Afamado and understand you, to make it to your fit.

 I got two dresses from Afamado's SS"18 collection -the first dress is a zig-zag printed wrap dress and other an unstitched wrap dress in the most marvelous print. I chose them as per a day and a night outfit that screams summer. You can also avail a special discount of 15 % sitewide when you shop above 2000 INR.

Now talking about the SO-WHAT campaign I had also like to share a video with you. My styling for the outfits was really just about focusing on my outfits really! The earrings are from H & M and heels are Dorothy Perkin. I had really like you to share your So-what story with me and get featured on the blog next.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Bali Gang

I’ve always been a budget traveler at least that’s what I like to believe but my bank balance says otherwise. And I’m the geeky researcher when it comes to planning and drawing a blueprint for my travel. Not that I really follow every bit but I really just like to keep myself updated with all the information I can gather. Can I also let you another secret of mine, so I always try and catch up with locals on bumble( or any other dating /networking app) Trust me you get the sic.-est ides on food and nightlife.

I’m going to indulge you to my itinerary and roundup on all my outfits I wore in Bali. So we were there for 8 days and It certainly wasn’t enough there is certainly an array of thing you can choose to do. Now this is for any single girl traveler that is traveling solo or in a group(sans the partner)
Feel free to adapt yourself to any situations here, I’m not much of the sportsy kind-if you know or want to try your hand at surfing you must try the dream beach at Nusa Lembogan island and of course Gili island.
Let me just do this pointer wise and make life easier, well for all of us:

I stayed in an Airbnb –now for me, I find an apartment or artisans home the best place to stay. I legit shoot half my stuff hence I really prefer staying in aesthetically designed local homes.
Our villa was in Seminyak, this seems like the safest and the centrally located to tons of homegrown boutiques, food chains or days you don't feel like Nasi-goreng or fish & chips. It's towards the south of Bali -had the perfect secluded yet not disconnected to the outer world. You should definitely make your bookings via Airbnb for safety purposes and so you get the rightful protection-although I must mention i have lawfully found really sweet hospitable hosts all the time.

We had a help in the house- Ketut who needs a special thanks for making our stay super comfortable. The house has 3 bedrooms, a lounge area, a common living room, pool-sunbeds and a dining hall. You also should mention your flight timings so that your arrangements are ready to the T, you can easily check in with the doorman. Benjamin & dolla kept a constant check on us and everything was legit on speed dial(they keep a common phone for our needs).
I'm going to list down the link for easier access. If you are someone who wants to live a more secluded style villa away from hustle bustle good recommendation is to stay near Patang -Patang beach on a hillock side villas. I know I would next time.


Now everybody has a very different style of exploring a city. For me, I personally look for a mix of good nightlife, a place where I can spend an entire day (that was covered very carefully by my villa-we hung out 2 days entirely at villa soaking the sun in the villa with just the local brews & nasi gorengs/satays)
I was traveling with my best friend Sanky and another couple who are expecting. Now why I feel the need to explain the kind of travel partners 'cos it changes the entire equation on what you can do.
Sanky is naturally more vivacious to exploring an really a night owl. My couple friend were vivaciously moody and well pretty hormonal (no complaints they are handling parenthood like pros )now this leaves me to be almost like Solo go pro out on her to explore the city, which I honestly enjoy. And like I mentioned the bumble tip this can work really well for single female travelers (obviously exercising safety measure).Biggest tip here would be to buy your drink and always keep your beer covered with your thumb, even more so careful with your cocktails. Date drugs pills are real ,there's no kidding around with those and a big possibility anywhere in the world.
I'm a person who can legit with less sleep but wants to be on every plan naturally.
So day 1 & 2 were best spent in Villa, we cooked our own food, got the groceries from the nearby supermarket and lived the homely life. Stepping out in evening for long walk on double six beach.

 We hadn't even hired a scooty by then. Next day we wanted to extremely touristy and hence booked a whole day tour to the extreme south of Bali. If you are lazy ass like us and do not want to drive around in the sun-get a luxury wagon and you are soo sorted. Our driver Wayan charged us 6 lakhs in Indonesian rupiah but had chilled beers and water bottles sorted for us for the entire day & also pretty epic deep ocean playlist. We saw 3 beaches and carried changes along with us-first being Pandwa beach, second the Patang-Patang and the third being the Jimbaran for the most romantic sunset. We also saw the Uluwatu temple and Garuda Vishnu .



After that we got our own bikes and explored Bali freestyle really! We started with Tegunan waterfall which is certainly very touristy but absolutely worth it, I would definitely recommend aling -aling for the wonderful hike it has to offer along with the scenic waterfall if you want to dive freestyle.

There are ample rice & coffee plantations that you must visit for a good photo op! Keep two day for the islands especially Gili and Nusa Lembongan-cenigan, which I and sanky did by ourselves. You can get here by either ferry boats or speedboats. We opted for speedboats which was way faster and extremely fun. You just need to plan your day early on and go with the vibe. Forget your footwear at home if you are on island all day. We also hired a bake here to get around.


Last days we kept for our massages and quick shopping. Now you need to make a mental note and treat this as any street market you would in India. At least that's what I did. Bargain for anything and anything and you will end up with a satisfied deal even at the amazing boutiques for really amazing homegrown talents in Kuta and Seminyak.

I tried scuba diving for the very first time and being a non swimmer it was inadvertently scary. But you have the trainer who legitimately trains your for 10 mins and takes you through a trial run. One can also opt for sea walking or snorkeling as per their convini8ence. There are also adventure sports options like paragliding, parasailing, floor walking and banana boat rides.
Again key here is to bargain for and get a sweet deal, they usually have the complete gear and pick up and drop off services available from your hotel/villa. It's made extremely for the tourist convenience and liking, so one can really rest assured of the services they provide. Now Bali is the surfer's paradise you can always try renting out a surfboard and make a fool like us but the key here is to experience, so you must try!


                  This is our pre scuba diving faces, we looked like freaking tele-tubbies.


If you are the kinds that enjoy letting their hair down for wild night Bali has something for everyone's taste. Now I heard a lot of good things about Skygarden but I found it too sleazy and overbearing for my liking. I preferred La favella because it really had a wide array of playlist that I'm finetuned too if you like a really classy setup I enjoyed Rooftop Rock bar. Also, one of our nights was spent at Arboon beach bar for the pretty trippy night. It's always a good idea to be in your comfiest clothes and flip-flops at such bars( any color that glows like white don't forget to imbibe it on your outfit).

Now potato head is obviously the most overrated and overheard things one does in Bali.I would say it 's like the Thalassa of goa in terms of the vibe but only better with the overlooking pool by the beach and pool bar. Nothing quite like watching the sun go down from the pool, even at evening the pool is well lit. You can choose either the cabanas or sunbed by the beach, a good time to visit is certainly the noon. Also, you have a minimum spend on the table so even if you are getting your drink at the barkeep a cheque on the receipts they always can be counted on far.
It is expensive by every other standard of Bali day club but the cocktails are to die for, we do not end up eating at all! There are also day clubs like Mrs. sippy and loop bar that you should try if you are staying for longer.


In spite of being a place that is submerged in tradition -you will see Hinduism clearly imbibed in their temples and traditions of every day and burka-clad woman, it doesn't warrant a strict dress code. It is advised to exercise your due diligence when at the temple and wrap a sarong that one can easily rent-other than that I had a free will to wear everything I wanted to even as plus size woman sans the glares.
Now, most of my outfits are from Shein, H & M, Zara, Koovs, Lulu & sky, label life, Sarojini & Colaba really. I have been shopping for months and putting together outfits in my head. Will try and list most of the names here but you can definitely write back to me if you have any doubts.

maxi dress from LULU & SKY

Midi sundress by VAJOR perfect for lounging 

Monokini by Prettysecrets

So boiling it down Bali is the destination for -World-class scuba diving, beaches, surfing, temples and lush-green landscapes. What more can you ask for on a trip of personal discovery? It’s also a yoga, meditation and health haven for those who need a clean break from all the distractions of the outside world.Ishall write again,see you in the next post!

Friday, 30 March 2018

Summer Vibes in Shein

Summer in Mumbai is almost a season we experience probably throughout the year.As and humid as it gets I love the vibrance it brings around with the closet. As a child, summertime fun in the sun began with the ringing of the last bell of the day at school. It signified that it was time to do away with all the old homework assignments and to forget about anything to do with school for three months at least. Summertime is a time of simple pleasures and exciting times of the year. Three months of late night sleepovers with best friends, hanging out at the Galleria/water park, and not having to worry about homework had been lingering in the mind since classes began in the fall. When summer vacation finally rolls around, I can never make up my mind-on what to do first. Shall it be riding bikes to the park with friends or hanging out at the mall? One thing was for certain though, the family vacation.
Things have certainly changed so much for me now, my vacations not limited to summer but well bound by the institutions I teach at  I do take small getaways more often. One thing I relish about growing up is really just able to support myself for the free will to go just about anywhere.
In this blog I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses. I absolutely love swinging between boho and vintage styles and somehow prefer to favour more boho prints on a day to day basis. Today I will be talking about my SHEIN shopping experience. So I have to give it to my students at Pearl that told me about the website and Initially I was as apprehensive about the Chinese shopping website experience and how long it would take. Now first you need to understand the kind of shopper I am. I have been shopping online since 2012.I remember buying a zodiac t-shirt from a gifting website. Moral being I never shy away from experimenting and really voicing it out if I have a concern with the customer care.

 I really imagine it to be a very user-oriented experience. I finally surfed the website for a good 10 days before putting stuff in my cart. My very first order I put was a lingerie-a cage bra I wanted to try. Well, can I just say it was a simple bummer? The lingerie after looking at the size chart I ordered 4 xl and well I could squeeze half my boob in, so unless you are a perky 32 B that really knows her size do not shop for lingerie, at least not my plus-sized babes from the regular section. They have 9introduced new plus size segment-which I' yet to try. The other one being a shirt for my mum with pearls beautiful adorning the entire shirt was a perfect fit at XXL from the regular segment-it didn't fit me though. I ordered a skirt for myself which was well a tad bit loose at XXL for me but I have made it work. Will put the picture of the skirt below.

And honestly, one I had the confidence of how fast the order reaches to me and how easy the exchange is I have made SHEIN my go-to website for fast fashion. What I absolutely like if that they actually include the new trends in clothes that are my size and actually comfortable.
The latest order I got is of the maxi wraparound dress I got , as seen below.

Taken from the

Now I ordered a size 3XL and it was a snug fit. Now I don't really shy away from showing my assets off but to much discretion of my mum, I decided to style it a little differently. I'm wearing a slip dress below to sanctify the dress a bit.I paired the dress with these beautiful INTOTO heels I received along with tassel earrings from   H&M.

About sizings-things you must know is a double check on size guide for every garment usually. It is all mentioned in inches. I have ordered from the regular segment too and so far I'm pretty happy with the quality. My biggest must buys are the swimsuit and bodysuits that I get from the website but you have to be extra careful here since they do not have a return on intimate items. The shopping experience has been extremely pleasant and I have given quite a good number of business t them. I mean if I have to find an ASOS like aesthetic sans the customs drift this is my website and I completely vouch for it. The exchanges are also a very hands-on process, it does take a bit of effort but works in your favour trust me. I have always ordered on cash on delivery basis.
Summing up the post here I have a big thumbs up for SHEIN and you must try it too. And this is definitely not a sponsored post from their end so all my views are as honest as it gets. Hope this was helpful and let me know if there any more queries I  had love to answer. See you super soon my tomatoes.


Sunday, 28 January 2018

Valentine- A rendezvous with Self

Are you wondering what is my blospost's title too?
Being a propagator of self-love it would only seem wrong to me to wait for someone to come along to make myself loved again. Self Love today is propagated as one of the best selling product lines to anything and everything. What we fail to understand that it really extends to more than just the physical aspect of it. Yes, it the most textural and identifiable shade of our identity that makes our first impression. But there's always going to be more to it than the physical aspect.

I partnered up with Afamado for a special valentine's day look. And no I'm not going on a date but treat myself to a staycation (almost a hideout)

Now if you have that special someone I'm all for decking up for the date and head out of the city, whatever you may choose to do I have styled an option for you.The salmon blush dress is your go-to guide to the season's valentines color.The wrap dress clings perfectly to your body, and the flare sleeves only add to the drama.Flash a hint of cleavage with the beautiful neckline. You always need to drop a hint for that pendant he's been promising you.

I wore mine with Stardust earrings  and bar ring by Designer  "Thezie Savino"

along with heels from Intoto.I love how I can wear this comfortable look from day to night. What is your valentine day's plan,, let me know?