Monday, 22 February 2016

6 Yards of Changing Opinions

“Our sarees are for a special kind of woman. She is cool, independent and radiates an aura of strength. She is trendy but her style is her own. She is intelligent, unpretentious and connected to her roots.”I personally have been hearing this from every designer that comes up with some a tab bit different khadi-gamcha-chaap design each season.’s my honest rant against (also that time of the month) we are trying too hard to incorporate 
indigenous crafts in our lives. I love the fact that yes we are trying to get people to educate more and having it incorporate it in our wardrobes really help, but the question do these weavers actually benefit? With the uproar of using Indian textiles and the obvious Make in India week ending last week on a triumphant note, can we actually  ever let the weavers take the front seat for once? How often are we dissed for wearing a saree and not looking as graceful or for being too fat to wear it around.--I’m one of them being told several time , and being highly self conscious would pay heed to it.

My question to self arises several time That little part of you that always wants to go audaciously bold but is hesitant till the last minute—it’s time to throw away that inhibition and try something daring. I did and this blogpost is dedicated for my newfound love for sarees. It was a day for artful mixology:

So Along with anchoring earth tones, exuberant pops of vibrant colors also appear throughout the pictures you witness here I have teamed up a jamawar white bell sleeved blouse with two very different sarees. The first being an ornate real gold kanjeevaram that has used the original temple motif sedatively throughout the saree and  the second saree is a beautiful Matka Silk saree with temple border in zari and self jacquard motif all over the saree.
I have discovered the love for handlooms and I hope it really bites us all too soon! 

Wardrobe courtesy is by Label Sailesh Singhania
Photography by Maneesha Inturi
Styling & Jwellery by Sourav Das
Hair & Makeup By Sanky Evrus.

I hope you like the post as much as I enjoyed penning it down. 
Oh FYI !How do you like my bijli pataka hair?