Friday, 4 April 2014

From The thrift Kitty

Hello my rasberry marmalades!
Quite a while since we did our last OutFit Post and here one's staright fresh from the thrift shops!Also the first time I debut my ombre curls on blog  *Grime happy face*

I would love to etch my hedonic perspective and the endless happy unicorns dancing around me with the utilitrian concept of thrift shopping but alas that would be an endless rant.So today's Outfit of the Day features our selfless love for thrift.Yes ladies an absolute budget post alert here .
I wore this to brunch and keeping up with the heat this seem to be right burst of colours to us.Go ahead judge your self!

Dress,Pumps,Belt and Hairband all picked up from thrift shop at Hill road.
Talk about eyeing the perfect match.A quick tip for you munchkins , we found that the biggest mistake a thrift-shopper can make is going with high expectations and a focused idea of what they want. Thrift stores are an eclectic collection of pieces from ‘yesterday’ and ‘yesteryear(s)’. If you have something specific in mind, you will likely be disappointed. To avoid frustration, go to a thrift-shop with an open mind and no expectations. It’s also very helpful to avoid second-hand shopping when you have deadlines and time restrictions. Leave your schedule open for the thrift-shop treasure hunt!
See you seen in our next post,till the Stay Chic