Saturday, 21 November 2015

Black Angst

“Love is too weak a word for what I feel.
 I lurve you, y’know, I loave you, I luff you.”
—Alvy Singer, Annie Hall

These lines by Alvy  awake my Woody allen love but somehow I always end up associating it with angst ,an inner indecisiveness and well come to a conclusion  thats0omewhere down the line I'm the sappy romantic.
There's been one overwhelming winner for fashion trend of the season in celebrity's wardrobes – monochrome and another no brainer this season the Off shoulder. The trend Worn on and off the red carpet by everyone from Kate Beckinsale to Fearne Cotton, each star has their own take on the trend. The color black is like a true friend who you know will always be there for you, whether it’s a first date or an interview. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. And, its confidence-boosting powers are pretty much limitless. (Take that, power suit.)
Bare those shoulders, because this season it's all about shrugging off your sleeves. For all the curvy girls(read FAT pour moi) like me I think the trend is a complete no brainer when it comes to showing off your good assets. I don’t think there is anybody who would vouch for having good shoulders and hence the trend sets right for showing the right amount of skin.
I made this dress keeping in mind the number of accasions I can actually wear this on.I opted to pair it with my beige peeptoes ,a braided chignon complete with these earring sthat I made.

Speaking of dress, I’m already rounding up the orders for this dress ,so if you are interested let me know I can make this in various sizes and colours.
I’m just an inbox away.
I love you guys ton, and I shall write back super soon.
Till then,

Monday, 16 November 2015

The quintessential LBD

The post has been captured one of those days when I feel fancy frolicking in an itsy bitsy frock, so much that my strap actually tore off while i was shooting for this. Bahh! Such are life lessons! How are my lovely  rabdris doin? SO my MIA is known to pretty much everyone by now whose connected with on my page,no excuses.Just trying to work on a budget pretty line too.
As for the out fit here I'm wearing SoHo's two tiered dress here pairing it with my fishscale silver peep toes from well Tresmode. No Tresmode doesn't sponsor me they just happen to make pretty ones in my size !
As for my hair I had soo much fun getting crimped by the fabulous Sanky who has trimmed off 6 inches my hair but goes without notice so I guess it look well in the end. Oh and let's not forget to acknowledge the mirror aviators.

Let me know what do you think of my hair and out fit ,I really enjoyed shooting this post!
Thank you for reading and ooodles of jhappis and pappis to you!Xoxo