Saturday, 5 December 2015

Sorry Not Saree

A Portuguese traveller in the early 1500s described saree as
"The women wear white garments of very thin cotton or silk of bright colour ,five yards long, one part of which is girt round their below and the other part on their shoulder across their breasts in such a way that one arm and shoulder remain uncovered"
The deep involvement and complete sense of identity of the Indian women with the sari, has made her resist the pressure to change her style of dress ,inadvertently providing continuity in weaving traditions of every part of the country. The sari represents a culture in which the woven and the textured-with -pattern garment pierced or intruded upon by the stitching needle was considered not only more appropriate in terms of aesthetics and climate but was an act of greater purity and simplicity. The sari allows us to go back at least a thousand years in terms of design. It is conceived on the loom as a three-dimensional garment with variables in pattern, weave and structure between its inner and outer end pieces and its two borders which provide drape ,strength and weight.

Please, please ,Amba my goddess I fear I am caught in my paithani sari
Please Siva my god,let me play fearlessly with her.
-Commemorative verse to Goddess Amba

Magentas,Green ,Reds clashing against the Benarasi Golden threads indulges India's obesession for dazzling contrasts evoking mad harmony while exploring the handwoven textile Paithani in its simplest form for this blog post .
It's a sort of nostalgic journey I embark on with my grandma's paithani.
The festive season is a time all about letting go of the old and making way for the new. So why not same for the wardrobe instead just flinching strides of a remixed version of your grandmothers wardrobe to make your own.

STYLE TIP: Those looking to hide your love handles this drape comes in super handy also no need to carry your dupatta so you can accentuate curve sat all the right places with this high waisted lehenga.

My Lehenga is courtesy Label Sailesh Singhania and the paithani saree is my nanis. I hope you enjoy my take on Indian outfits as much as my western counterparts.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Black Angst

“Love is too weak a word for what I feel.
 I lurve you, y’know, I loave you, I luff you.”
—Alvy Singer, Annie Hall

These lines by Alvy  awake my Woody allen love but somehow I always end up associating it with angst ,an inner indecisiveness and well come to a conclusion  thats0omewhere down the line I'm the sappy romantic.
There's been one overwhelming winner for fashion trend of the season in celebrity's wardrobes – monochrome and another no brainer this season the Off shoulder. The trend Worn on and off the red carpet by everyone from Kate Beckinsale to Fearne Cotton, each star has their own take on the trend. The color black is like a true friend who you know will always be there for you, whether it’s a first date or an interview. It’s flattering, alluring, and timeless, regardless of your body shape or size. And, its confidence-boosting powers are pretty much limitless. (Take that, power suit.)
Bare those shoulders, because this season it's all about shrugging off your sleeves. For all the curvy girls(read FAT pour moi) like me I think the trend is a complete no brainer when it comes to showing off your good assets. I don’t think there is anybody who would vouch for having good shoulders and hence the trend sets right for showing the right amount of skin.
I made this dress keeping in mind the number of accasions I can actually wear this on.I opted to pair it with my beige peeptoes ,a braided chignon complete with these earring sthat I made.

Speaking of dress, I’m already rounding up the orders for this dress ,so if you are interested let me know I can make this in various sizes and colours.
I’m just an inbox away.
I love you guys ton, and I shall write back super soon.
Till then,

Monday, 16 November 2015

The quintessential LBD

The post has been captured one of those days when I feel fancy frolicking in an itsy bitsy frock, so much that my strap actually tore off while i was shooting for this. Bahh! Such are life lessons! How are my lovely  rabdris doin? SO my MIA is known to pretty much everyone by now whose connected with on my page,no excuses.Just trying to work on a budget pretty line too.
As for the out fit here I'm wearing SoHo's two tiered dress here pairing it with my fishscale silver peep toes from well Tresmode. No Tresmode doesn't sponsor me they just happen to make pretty ones in my size !
As for my hair I had soo much fun getting crimped by the fabulous Sanky who has trimmed off 6 inches my hair but goes without notice so I guess it look well in the end. Oh and let's not forget to acknowledge the mirror aviators.

Let me know what do you think of my hair and out fit ,I really enjoyed shooting this post!
Thank you for reading and ooodles of jhappis and pappis to you!Xoxo

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Desi Decadence

This is more of an update post of my absolute M.I.A., I’ve currently moved to Hyderabad , and travelling a lot around the country. It is my personal apology as I've tons of idea, Outfit deets that I wan to share with my curvy ladies.

Coming to the post , a lot of women have asked me when do you ever wear Indian clothes, or often question my sanity on why I need to wear dresses all the time. Here’s my answer to that, it is almost rare that one would find me in Indian attire , as much as I love Indian Hand looms personally I’m still figuring it out how to wear them. There are many traditional outfits that can be worn down with ease and comfort. Traditional Indian wear basically comprises of saree, lehenga, salwar and kurtis. Here’s my first take on a casual rendezvous over coffee OOTD, It is more of a fusion than a true blue desi belle look.

I paired my Linen Nehru collar Kurti(honestly my mum’s) from Westside with these wide legged pants from Amydus and added mojris.

The thing about wearing linen made me realize nobody really cares about the wrinkles on your body the rich texture shows off for itself and makes one look very put together. Secondly they were insanely comfortable during the entire day that I wore them , so my easy- breezy outfit is sorted !
I want to keep experimenting with the look that I can transform this plain  kurti for several occasions. 

Let me know what are your thoughts? Really would want to hear your feedback
Much Love babies

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Plaid Perfect

So Ladies this is going to be a QUICKIE. I would also take this opportunity announce That I’m doing a little edition of Sale for these pieces that I’m currently making ,priced under 3k. Many a times have I come across women loving the stuff I make but back down due to the price.I just wanted to establish here,That I try and make only 10 % of profit over the making-I print my own designs and not source,I get them stitched  piece by piece hence they take a little more time but each garment would be to your specification.I can customise all the garments for you from the sleeves,the neckline the hemline and do forth.
This collection would be available by 22nd August and I make sizes XL and above.
Coming back to our post ,
For many people tartan brings to mind ancient Scottish clans, for whom particular colors and the widths of the horizontal and vertical stripes signified which clan the wearer belonged to. Others might think of the Kenyan Maasai tribe’s bright red tartan clothing, or recall wearing a tartan school uniform. Tartan also has associations with the ceremonial dress of the British royals – but the fabric also bears subversive undertones. The anarchic youth of the 70s gave tartan a punk twist, and in the 90s the grunge era appropriated tartan shirts for themselves.
It's the classic print hailing from the Highlands with which fashion has an enduring love affair - and this season Tartan is very much back on the style agenda. So, if you're struggling to style out the trend, Embrace one of the most popularly tipped patterns for fall and be inspired by some tartan street style looks. Tartan is going to be a popular trend for fall, so make sure you add this classic pattern to your wardrobe. The key to wearing the tartan trend this season is to give the heritage pattern a more contemporary spin. 
Tartan street style looks might have a bit of a school girl vibe about them, but there are ways to make them much more grown up.
I made this tartan bodice with a hi-low hem skater dress that accentuates the curves and is perfect for our body types alike.

Paring it with my suede pumps from Tresmode and a polka –dotted headband ,my hair was styled by Sanky in the amazing front pouf and really a faux longer and sleeker bob.I would like to thank Copa Cafe for having me and my mates over!
Photography is By Sarang & Hair &  MUA is By Sanky Evrus.
TO place an order you can quickly headover to our Facebook page here or
Whatsapp us with Full details on 08879815146.
I ‘m going to see you very soon in my next most with another cheap and chic Maxi dress
J .Till Then Stay Chic


Monday, 17 August 2015

Bomber Jacket - Two ways to Wear 'Em ft.LastInch

Hello Gorgeous,
The  weather in New Bombay can be a tease. One day it’s 70 degrees and balmy, the next it’s drizzling and chilly. To get through the erratic weather in style, we’re reaching coverups and my latest one being this fabulous  blue floral bomber by LAST Inch. They made their debut at the turn of the century and quickly became synonymous with the glamour and adventure of flying. Lightweight, and effortlessly cool, they look right with slouchy jeans and girly dresses alike.  See my two favorite ways to wear them , I'm doing another post with more ways.

The low-key style separate, which was an eighties staple, is enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to the variety of shapes, textures and colourways that the bomber, circa 2015, has to offer.
They’re perfect for pulling off the off-duty, sportswear inspired trends that are dominating the catwalks, shop fronts, and streets right now.They’re the perfect combination of slouch and sophistication. They’re also lightweight enough to be worn in the warmer months, making them perfect for transitional dressing. When thinking about how to wear bomber jacket styles like this, team a lightweight bomber with heavier, stiffer fabrics (like denim) for some balance. Bomber jackets are so great because they give off a relaxed, ‘I didn’t even have to try’ kind of vibe. Perfect for working the sports luxe trend!  
So in my first look I did a complete no-brainer with  my duo-rexin pants in Black  by ROADSTER and Number tee picked up from SPLASH's Men's Section.
I really wanted them to be comfortable hence my footwear are these Muted Matte Gold- Mesh Detailed loafers, they come with a 2-inch platform that effortlessly adds  to 5 Feet 5 Inch frame.

As for the second look I'm wearing a translucent  film top with Old Navy Shorts and the same comfy Loafers.
Tell me how would  you style your bomber Jacket? My fabulous jacket was sent by Last Inch.
LASTINCH is a Plus Size Online Clothing Brand which ensures latest trend for women with curves at Best Prices in India. We bring you the trendy & In-fashion clothing without compromising the product quality. Our Collection includes Dresses, Gowns, JumpsuitsTops & Tees, Shirts, Jackets,Shrugs, Joggers, Trousers, Jeans, Shorts & Skirt and will be offering our customers with the possible trending styles from time to time. Our motive is to make every curvy woman feel confident about her body, despite size.

Hence, LASTINCH is here for you to make you believe that CURVES ARE BEAUTIFUL!I personally love the way it fits me and the material.
Log on now, they have some fabulous sales going on!And if you are still worried why Last Inch.Here they have listed several reasons:
Hair by Sanky Evrus
Photography By Sarang 
I will see you  again very soon!

Stay Chic

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A riot of colours

Take a minute and imagine the world around you without colors, how boring and unexciting life would be. The sense of color is as extended as the sense of LIFE.
Every color has a unique effect on individuals and stimulates various responses e.g. the fast food companies use red, yellow and orange colors in their restaurants and product packaging as these colors are found to be helpful in increasing appetite. A research by the University of British Columbia has proven that blue color enhances creativity whereas; the color red helps to be focused and has a positive effect on memory.
The Blackfriars Bridge made of black iron when painted green, showed a decline in suicide rate up to 30%. Studies show that pink color is beneficial for stimulating responses from females whereas dark green color has a motivational effect on males.
Moving beyond the gyaan I incorporate two trends in my wardrobe religiously and pretty much unknowingly , the first one being monochrome and the second one backfiring with colours,no really! This dress has got to my favourite in terms of comfort, that I don’t need to wear anything to layer over or under, which is a bliss for me!

After the making some major headlines, parrot lady finally returns home and I take no chances on getting inspired. I have previously donned tonnes of graphic, this one is has an Indian ladies across the state in their ethnic dresses. Zoom in to figure out which states are featured.
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s your dose of current affairs  :

I made this Maxi shirt dress to wear from day meetings when I want to be oozing a lot of flamboyance. I paired it up with my salmon suede heels and these spike earrings from the_bling_store. She retails on Instagram and has some amazing  collection, the best part they come at a very reasonable price.
As for my hair You all know the guy Sanky Evrus  can be reached on 09773103372 and the amazing Man behind the lens is Sarang , 09167160713. Both of them are available on whatsapp and can be booked Like always we would love your feedback on my posts,all criticism is welcome.
See you soon

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Style your way to Paris-team Mumbai

Like any other blogger that you’ve anticipated it was the first time ever my peers came forward and actually forced me to participate. I had long dropped the Idea but as I was writing an ode to my grandmother in my previous blogpost it struck to me I owe on to my grandad. What makes it even more special is the precious Swarovski I keep worth I was gifted by my grandfather on my 15th birthday, also the year he passed away. No I'm not banking on your sympathies but sharing a real piece of pie of my fabulous mango summers. Being the eldest grandchild , all my holidays were spent in Delhi and Agra with my grandparents.
I dedicate this to you Dadu and I know that you watch me over .
Some people find their personal style in a uniform-type look — a definable aesthetic. For me, it’s the unexpected crazy shoe, piece of jewelry, or item of clothing that makes an outfit of mine feel slightly off. It’s fun to wear and it’s fun to look at, and I think fashion should be fun. It doesn’t mean you give up looking chic or elegant if you don’t want to, but it’s all in the degree you want to take it to. One thing to remember is to build some basic foundation pieces into your wardrobe so you have clothes to work with. I look through my closet at times and find that I get overrun with the weird stuff, and need to maintain some level of normalcy to build a look. At this point in my evolution, even the most amazing banana platforms require some level of balance. I paired  my organza tulle jacket with an white mermaid fit slip inside. The outfit has been designed by me and the peeptoes are from tresmode.
I associate with white in a lot of ways ,to this post.
Let me know what do you think of the post and my entry to Style your way to paris contest by POPxo Daily. Take some time out and like my entry on Instagram.

I will be back very soon with another post, till then

Stay Chic