Monday, 21 November 2016

Boho Lite with Vajor

So generally when one dresses boho there is a lavish splash of accessories from bags to belts, bracelets, fringe earrings, elaborate hairstyle. I decide to go rather boho -lite and let my vajor dress shine through. The dress itself has such beautiful elements like the cut-out and the flared bell sleeves and detailing in blue. However I couldn't fit in even with the XL size so I added Rayon tie-dye fabric in two panels and a thin elastic band.
The Mad Hair Scientist took well almost over four hours to get my hair in order !We foil curled it making 8 shapes along as we went down lengthwise. Let me know if you guys want to see a tutorial we are really in drumdolls now!
Coming back to the outfit, I paired my dress with thong sandals from and this cute little sling from Forever 21.I got this in Bangalore when I was working.I love how the boho hippie style encompasses the characteristic details of the hippie style and merges them with the boho ideology. What do you think of the look and how would you style this dress,let me know?

I will write back to you in my next post.See you soon my loves.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Of Dark Florals and Braids

Hello my butter popcorns,

It's been quite some time since I last flaunted shorts. We all live in apprehensions all our life even if ones' skinny. I'm addressing to all our insecurities  no matter at what size always haunts us. I have my own inhibitions but one thing my experiences have taught me that giving it a chance once whether be it a cuisine, a fear that you wish to overcome or in this instance a fashion fad. I urge you, ladies, to break your own shackles and experiment with that one clothing item that you all have rolled it to the back of your wardrobe ,try it on take a selfie -wear it around the house you have to! It's crazy how you can a piece of clothing make you feel so different about yourself, accept that damn birthmark you got it from your folks or the scar on the knee you got when cycling.
 Coming back to the post I have several black dresses and yet again I picked up this piece from Billabong. Honestly, it's pretty short and well I don't  live in a society where it doesn't make uncle and aunties squirm in their pants,I paired it with shorts. Alternatively, I wear it with high   waisted skinny Lan pants and some pointy heels and make it another on the go outfit for dinner. But here I'm wearing totally coordinated with my hair ,a blue bralette from Enamor and shorts from the Old navy.

*Also super obsessed with tassels!*

The hair has been done by The Mad Hair Scientist in boxer braids and the makeup I have played with browns and mauve from The Balm Palette -Meet the Matte(s).For My lips am wearing Chambor and dabbed some plum eyeshadow.

Let's take a minute to put the spotlight on  these uber comfortable chunky heels. Now to be quite frank with you guys it wasn't really a love at first sight. I loved how it looked on other girls and the fact that these 90's babies were so coming back with a twist. I have to say, these are the most comfortable heels I own and I can totally wear them the entire day without much strain on the ball of the foot. I have shuffled from airports o train and fashion weeks and it's been a breeze.I got it from KOOVS on a discount ,will update the name of the brand super soon.

I had so much fun shooting this look and do remember guys do share your take with me.I will talk to you super soon again, till then

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Peaches & Sequins

Hello my  gorgeous devis,

I haven't got out of the whole festival vibe yet! This post has special, reason being you can actually pre-order this outfit from me. I came up with this concept of tulip pants combined with  palazzo style to be paired up with sequinned tunic which sums a perfectly for  festivities. One can accessorize it heavily or downplay it by just wearing statement earrings like I have.

For the post I'm wearing Victorian pearl chandelier earrings by Aquamarine and stiletto s are from Tresmode .My face is heavily and badly contoured  by myself, I'm learning really! I did not want to shy away from posting it but I'm practising I promise.
The Mad Hair Scientist gave me a sleek middle part and gave me a low neck textured pony to show the  back ,I personally think it helps you show your earrings so much better and even more the back designs. I had like you to the best judge of this outfit and if you like it ANYBODY can pre-order it their size.

Location Courtesy :Royal Tulip's Daily Affair.
Jewels By:Aquamarine,Turner Road ,Bandra.
Custom Couture :Neelakshi Singh

I will see you in my next post!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Lingering Spirit of LBD's

Hello cuties,
A little update on my personal life. I'm finally back to home base and working as a full-time blogger along with pursuing my hobby as an art curator to an amazing art gallery. It's the secret project that I've been working all his while now. This is the first time ever that Navi Mumbai has an art Gallery with some really interesting paintings and sculptures. If you are an artist that would love to display their work let m know, we can work things out here. For any further information feel free to mail me or  text me on 8879815146.

Coming back to the post I've done this really fun pairing perfect for your girls evening out. Yes! Do not experiment with this look on early date night(honestly later putting even kohl is fancy) - Yellow heels and double buns aren't too viable with your Bae really. If you do try ,let me know :P

I'm wearing this lovely hand-embroidered tunic dress that is a typically straight cut ,an elongated V-neck, and short sleeves. This silhouette is definitely one that you wouldn't find me adorning often. But this dress made it to my wardrobe 'cos it's intricate hand embroidery  and well pockets. It's wouldn't be crazy to say that I'm obsessed with dresses that come along pockets. The curls are done using a straightener by Sanky to give tousled waves to my hair and added to bun after braiding my bangs on the either side. The dress is by Lucky, a true blue American iconic brand.

For makeup, I've used burgundy as a base from my Coastal Scents palette and added Matt Hung and Matt Grey from The balm "Meet the Mattes" palette. I'm wearing lashes by Kryolan and the glue is the standard adhesive by DUO in black. On my lips I'm wearing a Rimmel Cream sheen formula lip colour in nude(can't recall the exact shade). My shoes are on this website we had like with the new surge of e-comm shopping Done By None which I absolutely loved. Sadly it doesn't do business anymore!
So this was my very casual boho look in one of my infinite LBD. How many do you guys own ,I know I can never get enough of them!
I will see you super soon in my next post, till then

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Clash of prints for Bhai dooj

Greetings my lovely readers

There quite a few mythological stories associated with celebrating Bhai Dooj.For people new to this festival and my friends across the globe reading this,it is similar to Raksha Bandhan.For me this year I haven't really left any occasion to get decked up.

For my today's outfit, I decided to pair up my three separate to make the perfect coordinate. I haven't worn lehenga since ages forget about lehenga choli! But it was the time I took the plunge irst with Sabya lehenga and now with this outfit to show my tummy rolls. I have almost dreaded this for too long to show my stomach that comes with its own stripes and stretch marks. But then again not everything  is perfect and as photoshopped  as the magazine. I felt the exact need to truly accept body positivism and this would my first stint baring my midriff! My needs for traditional wear arises not from occasion to wear them but from the occasional bouts of confidence cycles I have! And getting ethnic wear in my size has always been a trouble, though my love for sarees is undeniable I love my share of kurtis and lehengas but Alas! the limited availability and the pricing put me off . So  whenever I do decide to wear traditional I do end up making something myself with the indulgent dose of inspirations around.(Talk about putting design degree to some use).

The choli is actually a jamawar silk blouse that I wear with most of my sarees in and out. The floral skirt is a cheap bargain I got at one of the fleas in Hyderabad and the dupatta is  borrowed from my mother's closet.
The whole outfits even though has a variety  of prints, textures, and embroideries they seem to work well together with this beautiful meenakari work statement neck piece and earrings. I absolutely love the pieces and would ideally wear just one of them !The jewelry is courtesy of Aquamarine ,I got them from the turner road store in Bandra. Santosh and Sheetal have definitely been so creative with the silver jewelry in terms of the ideation to the finish of the entire product. I definitely can't wait to go back!

My hair is  done meticulously by The Mad Hair Scientist a.k.a. Sanky evrus.

What should I style next on my blog,Let me know?I need your crazy ideas.See you soon in my next post,till then