Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Being Bewakoof

For someone, if you know me Being sporty would be an absolute alterr-ego that I love to adorn everyday! I'm the absolute opposite. The closest that I ever got close to being a sportsperson was frankly shattered after a few hits and misses when I played for the school football team and my tattered shorts and shoes rather made the neighbourhood aunty apologetic
I'm that girl that must have tried every single sport-indoor and outdoor every time somebody called out for a game, literally! BUT never really making to the end of it.
The childhood might have bought back a several treasured memories thanks to bewakoof. You know what do I absolutely love abut the brand- it's tagline

"Don't let the world  take away your innocence,
  Follow your heart
Be  Bewakoof"

The line genuinely appealed to me because it has no inner derivation really, it's really is about keeping it simple silly! If you really genuinely like something do it with all your passion and it will eventually pave out the path for you.
What encapsulates the tagline even better is the kind of athleisure line that they have come up with. Easy going clothes that take you from your CrossFit to brunch place.

In this post, I will share my love for this easy going vibe of the dress.
Bewakoof is a cool casual wear brand. Our customers are our focus and we believe in connecting with them to the fullest.

We mirror the fondness of today’s youth and intend to sell a unique product line which conforms to latest trend standards at unbeatable prices.

Bewakoof has taken the revolutionary approach to creating products in-house and sell directly to customers. It’s a no-middleman, no-rentals, no-markups business model, which is centered around selling straight to customers online.

Inspired by design and driven by creativity, our passionate team strives to offer a wide range of up-to-the-minute styles that is ‘quality guaranteed’. Available in vibrant colors, clean neutrals, and prints & patterns, our fashion line defines the free spirit of the NexGen.

I've paired My dress with this beautiful and really mean it's is beautiful Koovs backpack with my Adidas Neo kicks and a messy ponytail by The Mad Hair Scientist.

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