Monday, 18 June 2012

My Social Dilemma

Today, the research shows that the world population has now reached 7 billion people.
If we were a world of 100 people, a research conducted by says that 
1 would be dying of starvation.
15 would be undernourished.
21 would be overweight.
I am not here to tell you about how being more charitable by donating or limiting your lifestyle intakes, I strongly believe in the philosophy ‘To each, his own!’But I am here to make a little difference to your perception about how you look at others.
Recently, I came across a rather saddening realization and  was  rather appalled  by the fact that no matter what happens, people will always look for those who are perfectly perfect to the T. And I am talking about physical appearance. I heard that once you come into the REAL world, you realize how obnoxious it is. It eats you up alive. Now, I witnessed it myself. As I walked into my class every single day people stare at me as if I was  human meteoroid, landed on Earth.
 It would happen every single day till my first year ended. Many a times people would come up with songs to tease me. My teachers would pull me out saying that I wore inappropriate clothes to college whereas another petite girl could sport the very same style without being noticed. My friends did try to console me a little here and there served with added tablespoons of sarcasm. And then I just stopped caring, more like trying to ignore. Each time they another family friend or relative came home I would hear the same thing over and over again. Sorry if I'm being cocky But I Have Just started to feel that way. People didn't realize how body shy they made me by saying all the harsh, heartbreaking, insensitive things they would say. I suffer from POCD and hypothyroid, I’m absolutely expected to pile on weight. Not that I want to hide under the weight of this excuse but I have started to accept my body as it is. To some women, being a size double-zero or zero is natural, but for those that starve or abuse drugs, it's a battle to stay at a size that your body is rejecting. 
I want to be healthy because I feel better when I'm healthy.  I can do more stuff, like being active.  I don't necessarily have to be thin to be healthy, I agree with that  but I know that many of my ailments would cease if I weighed less.
In the last couple of years, plus-size models have gone from being novelties in high-fashion shows and couture, to being included in mainstream campaigns and editorials in nearly every glossy. India is still far from acceptance. Even now, it’s nearly impossible to even mention the words “plus-size” without stirring up a bit of controversy; whether they come under scrutiny for being too thin, too fat, or too “normal.” 
I read a lot of the comments whenever an article comes out online about plus-size fashion or models and I'm horrified by the ignorance I read. People equate bigger people with being unhealthy.
I started blogging originally to heal, I've been big my whole life and it was time that I stopped feeling bad about myself, but now it is so much more. When my mother was pregnant with me they expected twins! It is about self-acceptance and plus size fashion, and occasionally my random thoughts. If I manage to inspire one person, then I have achieved my goal for my blog.  I haven’t mustered the courage to even post each day and the post would just keep stacking on but ever since I've started blogging my love for fashion has grown at a rapid rate and so has my self confidence.
 I think I might get into the fashion industry some day, make a difference and be successful.
My mission to revive everyday dressing and styling for plus size women continues hereafter and I can only ask to all my lovely readers who are reading this article, to be a little more sensitive towards us. We do not need your pity, sympathy.

We aren’t any different from you, we have just made with a pinch more of extra love.
As for fashion being relative to plus size the sky is our limit with a little bit of ‘Spanx’! 

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