Monday, 30 September 2013

The Canary Talk

Hello sunshine,Back with a post.Here’s a quickie! Like literally .Super easy tutorial on being a canary ,oh and a LOTD too!
So here’s what you need to zero on :
A primer(used FACES metallic eyeshadow primer)
Any bright eyeshadow that you want to blind the people with! (NYX’s matte in the shade )
Concealer (probably a tone lighted than what you usually use)
A cream  base eyeshadow(Used Maybelline Tattoo 24 hour cream eyeshadow in Fierce and Tangy)
Eyebrow pencil and brow kit that you usually use.( and if you are naturally the Cara well I envy you)
A black Gel liner(I prefer Ickonik from Kryolan)

The pictures are pretty much self explanatory as for the lips I went duo lips shade .Also this is a great trick for girls who want a pretty luscious lips.I used two different lip colours.And here’s the LOTD.

And here’s the LOTD. Okay even Ikind agree the liner is way too Cleopatra cube but then where is the fun without experimenting! Tell me if you  will hop on the wagon or you like your ferocious cat too much to give up!
I have an exciting OOTD post lined up this week.Stay tune and Stay Chic!


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