Saturday, 5 October 2013

That one night !

Good evening my French fries! Errr ok no lovelies, All I can think of is food right now.
Navratri has begun and so has the 9 days of fasting .God and everything seems to be soo tempting around. Coming back to the post I'm taking out one of those unkempt secrets from the closet that has been sitting prettily for too long.
Yes it happened during midnight, both of us summoning to the silence in the air. Finally we had to succumb to the temptation. No am not making love here but yes the dress up that I still play (in my hostel room )only better with live version of Playdolls!
This post was long due like a year back so I've got a number of flaws that I can point but I'm sure you guys will give me this pass today(like you've an option).I haven't got much to write about this LOTD.
We started off as frenemies,I thought I 'd to beg her to shoot with me but as luck would have it I did not have to do any such thing, which btw ended up coming this long. Today we're this long lost soul sisters that are connected (somehow we end up getting in the same crap simultaneously, trust me)!

Originally This was supposed to be an interpretation of the movie "Midnight in Paris" but only ended up being "How I would do  the French Riviera KISS"  :D
We have basically got 2 outfit changes here with number of accessories to be played with. The makeup has been kept very neutral with feline liner ,luscious lips and dewy cheeks.(She is the only reason that I wear blushes today).
The room however is a hot  mess hence you'll know when you take a look at the editing of the pictures. And I really hope you guys like the  post, more like fun throwback !Just browse through the pictures,you can go back and positively criticise ,you know :P
*Don't judge me ,I've got better I swear*
Here comes my pretty lady well partially behind the straw hat!

See how a few accessories here and there can make a difference.Incase you haven't noticed I was making a point here Accessories and Nude Pumps are a must have in every girl's wardrobe(Okay! No I just made that up) but you'll agree how important role they play. And I cannot emphasise any more on how important and a closet must have, these nude pumps are.
Like red lipsticks one needs to find their own match of nude here too but its worth adding a few inches to your frame and making your legs slimmer .Ehh,No?
I shall you seen in my next post maybe have some more throwback Saturdays!
Stay chic

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