Saturday, 11 February 2017

Will you be your own valentine?

I know my girls you might have chalk it up to another Archies holiday, but there's no point denying that Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to put on a cute outfit and hit the town.

For me, valentine's have had it's hot and very darn cold variations. But this season I help you dress up with the most stunning yet clichรฉ option to dress up. My inspiration was obviously the very pink and not anatomically correct heart. Going full on red is an obvious choice and that's why I opted for this very hot pink dress tailored by me.he dress has a very ladylike feel yet means sexy! I love how I decided to use a nude color lining to cling under the dress to give it that see through effect yet not giving much away.

I really think that How you feel about Valentine’s Day may depend on how you feel about yourself and what kind of relationship you’re in if any.For me, it's complicated but nevertheless not a reason enough not to celebrate ! I wear my own very romantic cutout dress paired with sand dune block heels 'cos I really want to be able to walk the talk. My hair is done is a retro full updo with my fading lavender hair and wearing drop earrings by blur. The makeup essentially plays up with the eyes. I'm wearing pale pink to a gray smokey eye paired with almost MLBB shade.

Whether you're going out on a romantic tinder date or drinking one too many vodka with your girlfriends this dress will absolutely make head turns!Don't forget to love yourself, ladies.

Hair and Photography By Tha Mad Hair Scientist

p.s.You know where you need to order the dress from though,I will be updating the same on my blogshop soon.
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