Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Blair is a classic beauty and compared to Serena, her makeup and hair is much more polished. Blair always looks put-together and feminine and her beauty routine is a prime example. Here are the three key elements to Blair’s look: 

1. Rosy Lips and Cheeks

Unlike Serena’s sunkissed skin, Blair sports a more classic look with a pinch of rosy blush and lip color.
To achieve this, blend a rose blush with minimal to no shimmer onto the apples of your cheeks. For winter and fall Blair sticks with blushes that are pink-based, but she switches to peach-based colors in spring and summer. On exfoliated and moisturized lips, use a non-shimmery pink or berry lipstick or gloss.

2. Defined Eye Shadow

Rather than a simple wash of color on her entire eyelid, Blair’s eye makeup is slightly more extensive, focusing on defining her eyes and adding depth.
Start by using a matte eye shadow that’s close to your skin tone all over your lid. Then, take a matte chocolate brown shadow and blend into your crease and up towards your brow bone. Highlight your brow bone with a shimmery beige or vanilla eye shadow. Thinly line your upper and lower lash lines with a dark brown eyeshadow. Finish the look with a sweep of mascara.

3. Polished Curls/Shiny Poker straight Hair

Con Heir
Blair’s hair is almost always curly and she is rarely seen with a curl out of place or perfectly straight hair and well absolutely incomplete without her modern day crown-the humble hairband.She has absolutely glorified the hair bands for me forever.
Here's this random OOTD that I tried.Okay blair was bulimic in first few episodes and so I come up with another eating disorder being obese :P
For the make up I kept my peaches, brown ,champagne and white very prominent.I have used 3 coats of mascara and concealer on my waterline. Also I tried today Clinique's foundation in medium  and Sally Hansen's inflation lip plumper in the shade "sheer cherry".It is the first time ever I have a foundation on,so my blogger friend do point out if you see a shade gone wrong .

My outfit was a simple sheer collar blouson with tie up paired with a black skirt.The tote bag ,nude peep toes and hairband completed my look.
Trying to get into the blair mode!

Peep-toes: Tresmode
Bag: Rhysetta
Hairband: Accesorize
I'm sorry if I offended any GG fab,We were looking on having plain fun.Let me know how do u feel about this OOTD?
Stay chic
XOXO(GG Voice )


  1. Lovely OOTD post dear :) I loved the top and the bag :)
    You look very cute and lovely mani <3