Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A much needed D-I-Y project!

Good morning my hush puppies,

Now if you kind-off know me you would know my obsession with all things studs,spikes and cones.I have been on this crazy search os spikes stud,I recently spotted them at Vipra's Haul story but when I went to Aldo they were all gone.My size being a 41 (friends  call me Yeti) is another story that I cudn't just get my hand on these babies.Well like we all know "necessity being the mother of all inventions" ,Bingo I had to do it on my own and they cost 1/5 th of the price people pay for these crazy babies.

Since this was an experimental piece I chose a very humble Tennis canvas shoes that just cost me Rs.285 and everything else well I had it at home.
Now that I have you guys hooked  on to my story here ,let me start with the tutorial.

Things you'll need:

Canvas shoes your size- any shoes seal the deal , all you really want is anything that  paint works on(next I'm thinking of using my crocs and moccasins :D )
*    Spikes/Cones/Studs
*    Fabric Color of your choice - I used orange, pink, cobalt blue, parrot green and acrylic based golden glitter.
*    Dotting tool (or anything that'll pretty much get through the canvas)
*    Scissors
*    Paint Brushes
*    Card Paper for drawing your template design
*    Patience (oh yeah tons of it)

We start off with removing the laces, oh yes obvious I know I just had to show off my leopard mani  :P

Cover the rubber parts that you don’t want to paint.This is how I covered mine.

Next I trace a chevron strip pattern on paper and well snip it out. This will be helpful for drawing on the shoes, if you are really good at drawing freehand you can totally omit this step.A word of caution here you really dont want to use a pen ,I did and it shows through the paint so  go as light-handed as you can possibly.

Next up once I was satisfied with my design I started painting. I did one colour at a time each, this way I don’t have to wash my brush each time also it dries faster. And if the drying part gets to your nerves just blast the dryer on cool setting.

This seems to be an endless step, it took me an hour to complete before I could hop on the sparkle wagon. I wanted to stop after pink and green, it looked nice but on a second thought just went on with the flow. Next I smeared my golden acrylic sparkle paint with my finger in the center area * I don’t what is it called again .

 Next I put them to air-dry in my balcony on newspaper where they well like 100 times ,you’ll know when you some smears.

Next for that finished look I go on and use the blue and line up the shoes.Also I painted the tongues of the shoes before studding.

Once its done we shall poke the screw top spike studs. I wanted to embellish the entire area but I did not have enough of them .I like he screw top ones because they don’t peel off  compared to the ones you can stick with the glue gun. Plus we can always reuse these!

I use the dotting tool to get through the canvas, see the black dot in the picture below that’s the smug hole I am going to insert the screw top.

And well here's what it look like finally from all side :P

I really hope you guys try it,would love see your creations.I have a couple of other revamp your footwear D-I-Y's coming soon!
And of you still think you don’t want to  go through this, yours truly is all for customizing shoes here. Will be uploading more design samples now that I have got a hook of it.

p.s. If you are looking for more professional and pricier  touch you can always head to international sites like our very own www.converse.com that customizes your Converse, All Stars or Jack Purcell all under one banner. There is another cool site http://punkyourchucks.com/ ,crazy stuff out there. You can always derive style inspirations and make it your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading see you in our next post,till then
Stay chic!


  1. Super Awesome <3 <3 <3 I loved it dear ;) Great Post !!

  2. Thank yo u so much,I have to thank you especially for inspiring me to do it.I wanted to take your permission beforeI could enter the link to your haul Post!

  3. Wow, superb <3 <3 I really loved it <3

  4. Thanks Rakshanda am so glad you liked it :)