Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Back to Black with all that SASS

Since Coco Chanel unveiled her iconic black dress in Paris in 1926, that little black dress has become a clothing essential in every woman’s wardrobe. t is said that it was Coco Chanel in the 1926 that first made the LBD famous.Her design was a simple straight-lined black dress in the garçonne style. For the time period this was fashion radicalism. Prior to that black had only been worn for mourning.  I have a great story I love was when a designer rival at the time passed Chanel on the street and reportedly remarked, “What are you in mourning for, Mademoiselle?” She responded with the fantastic quip, “For you, dear Monsieur.”

No item is more of a blank slate for accessorizing and styling yet completely chic on its own. Bravo, LBD! You've gotten us through some tough times and we don't know what we would do without you. I own more than 15 black dresses, no for real and these are the ones that I actually wear(No idea about the ones up in my attic)
So many of the clothes we buy are grounded in fashion, which means it’s expiration date is subject to fads and trends. The little black dress is something that can stay in your wardrobe for years without looking like a fashion faux pas. Think about it, how many of us would still die to wear the dresses Audrey Hepburn did in Breakfast At Tiffany’s?

Black flatters everyone. One of its best attributes is that black recedes making you look taller and slimmer. The color is also neutral and demure, which means it doesn’t clash with any skin tone.
The trick is to find one that fits your body type. From a plus size little black dress to a petite, there’s one for anyone. If it doesn’t fit perfectly in the store or that great sale find is a little too big, don’t fret, use our secret- go to a tailor. A quick tailor job can make the biggest difference. I practically never find a dress, especially something  I want to splurge on, that fits perfectly. Alterations almost always follow and it’s not expensive.

I spotted this dress on the STALKBUYLOVE website and whilst I did stalk for pretty good darn time ,I might as well thought with much contemplation that if I don’t like it I will return it! But oh well me and returns are a complete rarity, so here we are with this absolutely subtle yet statement making black midi dress with sheer lace panel. 
I dressed them up with favourite jewels from a new discovery ZUBHANA. Sandhya was kind enough to collaborate with me but I did end up buying these statement pieces after all!
Here’s here page you can checkout all her amazing and well priced baubles here.


Do I even need to mention my absolutely stunning NEW LOOK block heels? It’s a complete no-nonsense heels that literally are the most comfortable ones that I own until now.


What do you think of my hair now which done by the fabulous Sanky and also photographed by him!

I will see you super soon in my next post. Until then
p.s.:I had to be like that on my bed,excuse my manners :D


  1. Wow,you look fabulous,thumbsup for the dress and that hair color (y) 😃

  2. you look amazing! loved the dress <3