Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Buying and owning jewelry is one of the best perks of being a girl, so it’s our accessory-loving duty to tell you what sparkly essentials you need in your jewelry box.

This is what the brand speaks about itself "Zubhana is a brand which formed out of a desire …a desire every woman has, that of looking good and express positivity. The co founders of Zubhana believe every woman is beautiful in her own way and she deserves to look good know matter what the occasion is. Zubhana's vision is to enable woman express themselves with jewellery.

Zubhana is the story about a brand started passionately when these siblings were trying to find the perfect jewelry for the eldest sister’s wedding functions and trousseau. They realized the lack of neat jewelry at reasonable prices. They are passionate, hard working, corporate junkies who slog it out at work but are driven by the passion of changing the way we look at jewellery. Initial days were tough, looking for the wholesalers, getting the designs which were unique. Then, they thought of creating something of their own. They are self-taught designers, and for them it is the most intuitive, effortless process. Now within 3 months, they have an assortment of various kinds of jeweler, made with Druze quartz, Shiny Druzy, Colorful Stones, Kundan, Uncut polki. Zubhana offers jewelry for all ages and tastes, for young, stylish high street customer to the more classic tailored lady.  All pieces are hand formed and give customers the option of customization. Zubhana also offers bridal jewelry collection for the Brides D Day and preceding events.

Zubhana designs are for the bold, for the believer, for the fun, for the leader, they are for you and they are for her. There is a design for everyone, for Zubhana respects the uniqueness of every woman.
Zubhana offers jewellery designs made from Druze quartz, Shiny Druzy, Colorful Stones, Kundan, Uncut polki among others. They also have an option to customize jewellery for Brides to be at affordable rates. Check out their designs here and be mesmerised with these timeless treasures." You can checkout their page here.

Unlike pretty much anything else we wear, our jewellery is filled with emotion.  While clothes express our personality and self-image through colour and style, and hair or makeup reflect what we want the world to think of us, jewellery works very differently.

It can uniquely bring back memories of an event, a person, a time in life or even a mood.  The closest thing we can think of with the same power is music. As jewellery has become more affordable and accessible, buying it has become a more everyday experience, with less thought put into buying it than used to be the case.  We think that’s an acceptable price to pay for the ability to buy jewellery more often, but nevertheless, it would be a shame if we lost sight of the emotion involved in jewellery. 

This is all part of the shift towards more affordable jewellery in recent decades. By bringing it in to clothing stores rather than jewellers, the retail fashion industry has made jewellery part of the “uniform” that the fashion-conscious adopt, and want to change from season to season.

The biggest sign of this is the appearance of jewellery by tills in retail outlets – it’s become an impulse purchase to complete a look, rather than something to savour and appreciate for its own sake.  The emotion here may be less “special”, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.

And that’s my take on the jwellery I decide to adorn myself. Here you’ll see how my hairstyles have evolved for a single post to suit my jwellery. I really believe in working my hair around a statement piece ,be it jwellery,makeup or a certain outfit.

I hope you liked my jwellery collaboration.If you have any feedback that I must work on, please let me know. I will happy to learn. See you soon in my next post.



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