Saturday, 24 December 2016

Holiday Dressing with Calae

If there's one absolute thing I love when it comes to the fad game— and trust me, I love a lot of things- It is asymmetrical clothing. Sure, symmetry is beautiful and pretty But maybe, the sartorial world isn't always supposed to be about what's "traditionally pretty" or "classic." Maybe it's supposed to be about individuality, uniqueness, and out-of-the-box ideas. An asymmetrical hem, silhouette, or detail can be easy ways to exercise that creativity.

There was a time when every influencer/blogger was obsessed with the ruched asymmetrical drape skirt. I'm sure everyone has seen a version. For us luckily fashion cycles are never really considered. Make a sack in  every colour that makes them look thin and let it rain.
For the holiday I  have partnered up with Calae and got my holiday game on with this
Donna Paulsen Dress. I paired this absolutely lovely body-hugging neoprene dress, sure it doesn't show off my bulges but really makes me feel good about myself, with this Chritian Siriano shoes and baubles from The bling Store. Love my hairdo by The Mad Hair Scientist who has given me a very playful look along with a side braid sans any rubber band which honestly makes it much easier for me to handle.

I love the cute little Coin purse I got off Koovs and would wear this look for movie to dinner date.

CALAE has recently released the campaign - IamCalae and has taken it upon themselves to encourage curvy women and empower them to be comfortable in their own skin & flaunt their curves. This dress just help me do that and I absolutely extent my support to this wonderful campaign.

For me Body Positivity came along very early. although I wouldn't claim to love my body even today 100 % but I own the damn thing. With the horrible snarls that I deal with everyday not only limited to offline aunties and uncles but also to some really mean people online.
My blog is my sole creative extension to vent out.

I had love to hear out your story this holiday season and don't forget to use the hashtag #IamCalae and #PlumpToPretty .I really would appreciate if ou share you experiences with me,
I will see you very soon.


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