Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Year end Dawn for A Saree lover

Us girls I have an immemorial connect with our sarees.The wonder yard definitely gets the best of each woman varying maybe every 45 km's.I'm no expert form the saree glossary uproar in the country like never seen before but I definitely have had a change of mind, perception to the Indian handlooms all thanks to saree.The saree Pact made a huge difference to my learning.

We all love and know the versatility is something that makes the saree so so unique, how a single piece of cloth can be transformed into marvels in a jiffy seeking to suit no particular shape, size or gender really!

As the year comes to a close I couldn't have chosen a better outfit -a simple co-optex saree my father got one evening from his nonchalant outings really. Paired with my mum's beautiful ajrakh from Pracheen puts the outfit so uniformly, how two diverse craft forms make such a beautiful baby.

The hair is done by The Mad Hair Scientist, who has given me a side textured sleek fishtail braid bun tucked along some parrot latkans and fresh marigolds.I absolutely love the little bits of detail!

I also added a beautiful and much-cherished pair of pearl earrings from Calicut to complete the attire.Hoping you like the stark contrast of lilac hair, the mustard-red with a tinge of green.I absolutely love my sarees as much as I adore my minis.Here's to wishing everyone for an extraordinary and some resolute decisions ahead.I will see you soon in my next post.


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