Saturday, 15 April 2017

Summer Reminiscing with Lastinch

Summer evokes so many sentiments for me- the fun frolic at the beaches are a distant memory now. I have been longing for a vacation for the longest time now. My more real adult reactions to summer are nowhere close to summer vacations, beaches or just playing around and getting tanned only to quench thirst & hunger from the mango tree. That is definitely my favorite memory at my grandparent's place.

Summer to me translates down to maxis-they ae the only anti-fit items that I feel I can carry like a boss. Maxis never have a mind of their own, body type it is one of those clothing items that is universally flattering. You have one for everybody type. I'm keeping the post really short boiling it down the essentials of the post. I got this rust colored halter ruched maxi from LastInch and it is such a breeze. The material is extremely soft whilst not being clingy at all.I liked it both the way when I cinch my waist to add a little more definition to the smallest part of my body( no not my arms, just don't want to refer it as waist anymore) or not!
I wore my hair in undone beach waves done by sanky. My makeup is well a very Also adding a ton of texture by adding Label M's texturizing spray and a comfy straw hat from Forever 21.
The best part about this dress is real that one size fits all and that is why I'm giving it a big thumbs up. Please go ahead and check out the lovely collection at Lastinch. Let me know how 
do you like the dress on me and would you buy it?

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