Friday, 26 May 2017

Skirting Norms

one needs to really step outside their comfort zone to experiment and well enjoy the fruits of what's coming their way! I'm more of a dress person than another attire really. There's  almost everything have tried except playsuits. Skirt were a big part of my earlier wardrobe but for some reason I had stopped wearing them. Well the whole conversation of Indian mums asking you to wear spanx or shorts underneath(I'm sure most of you can relate) just irks me. I really don't want 100 things on the floor when I have to pee outside! well I'm trying to track my way back to skirts..starting of with this full length skirt from Femella.
Tulle skirts always are a head turning piece  ,needless to say if you have bought one well  go bold and have fun with your styling!  I went for a girly glam look with a the cutest cold shoulder blouse from Marks & Spencer .This look is ready for a shopping date and happy hour with my bouys!”
Find the skirt volume that you are comfortable with.   Tulle skirts come in different volumes.  Some plus size women aren't comfortable with pieces that are going to add volume to their bodies. If you are worried about this then you want to look for a skirt that has only a few layers of tulle.  The Rose pink tulle skirt has a minimum amount of volume.  Now for those of us that love the theatrics of it all and don't mind adding volume, a more voluminous skirt would probably suit us best.  This skirt from Femella has  the right kind of volume when you want to wear it on an everyday basis.  

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