Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Bare Minimum

Keeping my skin bare for an outfit post -well at least one that's well planned doesn't really come naturally to me. When I take a look at an ensemble or a single piece I think about the very first look I had to want to put together with that piece. Everything from the color of my eyeshadow to the heels and the nail paint is automatically fed fast by my brain and securely recorded/The hairstyle being most unpredictable one and mostly dependent on Sanky's mood really! The second thought is how many times can I repeat this piece (honestly even if I get two wears out of it Iw ould buy it)Considering the limited choice it very hard to come across something that I had really want to wear more than twice.
For this blogpost It really got me thinking what if I don't really paint my face for once and look at what reactions I would get. By the end of the shoot and post editing it al boiled down to more pondering as to how vulnerable I actually felt. Mid shoot I had started to apply a lip tint all over my eye and lips-yes LIP TINT! I wasn't too happy with the fringes  Sanky curled for my bangs this time and that could be seen! It isn't really until you get to the most uncomfortable zone, you don't understand the importance of your own being. I really want to be able to go bare face and not feel conscious about it.Is till do-it's a process I know I'm working on it and will get there in time. As for my makeup lovers out there, I'm really going to stop wearing makeup! It's not a need for me but a creative outlet -that's initially the first things I did to make myself feel more ME. I would ponder 100 times before posting the pictures, eventually when I got the love from you guys only then I had the confidence to really do my first outfit post. I know the whole process is long and vicious of self-love when there's a whole army sitting at your doorstep, asking you to stop being yourself.

For my post, I chose to wear this beautiful number speaking vintage flora-fauna power to me. I was extremely excited about the new heels I bought to well wear with everything. The block heels make it so comfortable for me to walk in. Usually, after the shoot day I'm really happy to do away with the heels well that's not the case with this one. I wore this even to the sandy beach for our next location!
The floral number is a perfect button down dress when you had like t be really effortless minus the effort really. Think about pairing this with headscarves and bandanas for that summer brunch look or wear it over culottes to open the first few button with pointy heels for Friday casual to work. The viscose fabric makes it a delight for summer and monsoons-easy for our working ladies alike!

Head to Calae's website to check out their new summer fling collection.
I had love to hear from you guys and I always make sure I reply to your emails and messages, I really hope you keep writing to me with all your love feedback, suggestions-I want to hear them all. See you very soon with another exciting brand on the blog next week.
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