Monday, 3 July 2017

Citrus Squeeze Lovin'

Today's blog post is the story of Us-Me,sanky and all the beings we find during our shoot!
We have Mr.B.Doggo and Ms. Pupper to give us the sweetest company during our time at the beach.
Cut to 5:45 a.m. We have ensured we hit every damn club within the stretch of Morjim to Candolim that night, bid all of our favorite bouncers a sweet good morning and practically driven back clueless (pantless too in Sanky's case) to our hostel. This little getaway was the first holiday we as a team took in years known to us. It's always been professional duties whenever we have traveled across the country. Needless to say, we wanted to make the best use of our time here. So here we are sleep deprived of the past 52 hours, sweating it ours on sea catch, tequilas and of course the most Lit cocktails the ever friendly bars of Goa had to offer.
My eyes are extremely puffy and my contacts well almost dissolved but here we are doing another blog post. I had to share every little but behind this shoot. The pictures wouldn't do nay justice without my muffin top  showing through or my extreme club myself the lovely creature we met at the beach(sans the creepy uncles in undies).

Albeit everything I start posing and look who decide to join us!


We had the toughest but also had a blast shooting this look.Which I have almost forgotten to credit for. The dress is thrift -an expensive but a beautiful find from the Goa markets, I'm sure you are pretty sure over my obsession with the H& M bikini by now, Earring by Eristona-doesn't everybody loves a good squeeze(get the title of the blog now?)

And my favorite companion by Forever 21. My hair's been braided into French plaits by sanky and  Nyx Moroccan slapped generously on my lips cheeks too! The only thing other than the lipstick is my Maybelline eyeliner-ignore my cockeyed pictures though.The contacts did really dissolve!

until Next time......

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