Friday, 23 June 2017

The Sorority Lives of 60's

I enjoy being a girl! And my wish would really be to live every day of the week in a new decade. I find the old musings, music , women, hardships they faced very endearing. If I could only time travels. Dressing up and having the liberty to write your own blog gives you that freedom, to say the least. Today my love for the bygone era continues-I flirt with the 60's reimagining what a sorority would I be in or what would I dress up as. Can we style the pieces today as we could wear them in the MODs?  I often question myself-Plus size fashion has evolved in recent years, leaving many fat fashion enthusiasts grateful but how did women shimmy back in the thigh-grazing straight fit dresses or Was it just a norm just for the straight sized women?

I'm wearing my last inch high neck dress with bell sleeves paired with a pastel mauve hue of stockings and T-straps oxford heels. My hair is pulled into a carefree updo bringing attention to my eyes-Played up with shades of blue family.Wearing NYX's Matte Lipcream in Amsterdam.

Lastly, I had like to Dedicate this song to my lovely ladies reading this.

I'm a girl, and by me that's only great!
I am proud that my silhouette is curvy,
That I walk with a sweet and girlish gait
With my hips kind of swivelly and swervy.

I adore being dressed in something frilly
When my date comes to get me at my place.
Out I go with my Joe or John or Billy,
Like a filly who is ready for the race!

When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curl,
I float as the clouds on air do,
I enjoy being a girl!

When men say I'm cute and funny
And my teeth aren't teeth, but pearl,

I just lap it up like honey

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