Sunday, 1 October 2017

What home feels like...BomBae

I definitely can't take the credit of coining the term BomBae but most certainly attain rights over the word as any other of my counterparts breathing in the humid air here. I can be completely confident there are many cities world that one explores in their lifetime. When one travels they come back with tons of memories- some good while others a new learning to the way a city/town/village treats you. You recall them for a couple of days and then get back to your regular routine in your own city to which you belong. But, then there are some cities-the people you meet there that leave more than an  impression on your life. Travel teaches you something which you’d never experience anywhere else. One of those cities is Mumbai! For me, Mumbai is home. It has been a fascination not only in terms of the fact how the city has a perfect zine of balance amongst itself. If you know me my perpetual quest has been finding and making that little nuance of the city my own. During my styling finals, I breathed life into the inanimate objects of Mumbai-everything from cutting chai to local trains that speak the length and breadth of the city to me.

For the post, the intention was to collaborate with

1.the friendship I genuinely harbor with my fellow blogger, which is extremely rare for me to find a safe space beyond the virtual wall. Here there was some instant connect with Vishakha. She has written beautifully about us and I wouldn't ruin it for you, so let me redirect you to her here

2.Our relationship with the cities-Delhi and Bombay: What I instantly connect and agree with Vishakha is that we don't tend to compare both the cities. It's every kind of home for both of us-one that we were born in/lived in and one that we chose. I quite can't wrap my head around the fact how the tiff never ends.

3.To get onboard with a brand that our sensibilities match with. A very important aspect of our speaks about who we chose to partner with, what is the message being propagated through our blogs. We both can promise that we duly look after the quality content. Vajor has been a beautiful brand not only in its sensibility but its sense of designs, aesthetics, and inclusivity. I absolutely adore their collection and how particular they are about their collection update. I genuinely could live in Vajor for decades. The amazing thing is they extend to XXL which is an absolute boon for me!

Here's a glimpse of what we wore for our first look. They are definitely the most comfortable dresses. Also, have I ever wore 3 different kinds of stripes in a single dress and look flattering? Hell no! Vajor is capable of creating that magic. I would wear it (in fact I have been ) to brunches, to work and even casual dates nights with my girlfriends. I paired it up with my Mustard block heels and pearl drop earrings. Vishkaha is sporting a beautiful floral print twirl spree. It's even gorgeous in person.

Happy to be finishing up the second draft of t his series as I post this on the blog. Let me know what do you think about our collaboration.Don't forget to checkout  Vajor's festive collection!
Looking forward to seeing you in the next posts

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