Friday, 15 December 2017

Victorian Candyfloss featuring StalkBuyLove

There have been so many inspirations throughout history that I strive to try on my blog. Yes, I 'm much rooted in the history of fashion like that but unable to translate the entire look.

Also one of the reasons I don't do it is not to make it look entirely costum-ey! Is that even a word?
Here's my mood board for this post,I always make one before I write my posts -hence decided must post it too!

My love for history has actually enabled me enough to be a lecturer at a design school in Mumbai- this gives me unprecedented access to lots of books. So while I was teaching my classes about Queen Elizabeth I swelled deep into not books but documentaries/ movies. We see the influence time to time in different variations but what if I had to make it my own, how would I do it. I wondered.

Story's second part goes on to how much I surf online shopping websites before doing anything else on the web is not even a joke. To get me in my zone I need to know what's happening with the e-com retailers. So I stumbled upon a pink shirt dress with beautiful collar. Now okay, I have very little or no neck(m no hate there) but I wondered if I could carry the dress. What the heck, I ordered it anyway-the things pink can make you feel. Cut to Goa and on last Day I knew how perfectly my Intoto heels matched my dress and my clutch from Kunst. I had to do something about it.

And could I have found a better location with a better name---PINK CHILLI
We started to shoot the look and Sanky did the most wonderful tight curls-Well I do look like somebody caught up between the kitsch time machine of today and Victorian era really. This looks however put together may not be what I imagined it to be but this is why I started the blog really. To feel unsettled, to take more fashion risks and not know what result I had wished upon.

My eye makeup is really a simple winged liner and pink lipstick to complete the overdose. You can get this dress from StalkBuyLove, heels(absolute love) from Intoto and beautiful sequinned clutch from Kunst by Diksha.

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