Saturday, 27 January 2018

Of Label and It's Austerities Ft.LAstinch

The questions I'm asked more than often.I decided to pour my heart into this blog post.Here is everything I could have answered honestly. The labels  I have been typecasted into, this outfit seems like the most subtle way to tear up from this 

-Growing up, how did you envision yourself when you're older?
I always thought I would have that flat stomach, frankly, I have wished too many birthday candles to miraculously to wake up to a flat stomach. You see I have always been the chubby kid that would be the first one to get into the pool to hide her thick thighs.

-How often do you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see?
As often as I pass by the when-I probe, poke wonder how much could plastic surgery change my face, body! Promised me to be a healthier self, do some jumping jacks and then roll on the bed thinking how much of chore that was.

-I understand that you faced your dislike for your chin during the shoot? How was your experience? 
I have always had issues with myself being photographed. Growing up being told that how much of a pretty face I had that people would just dismiss looking at my body I have probably centred my attention to my face too much and somewhere that still lives on, I'm way concerned about my double chin-my paunch, my muffin top, and the way the fat folds over my knees. There are literally all the points that I look at when I'm photographed. But here I'm today baring it all.

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