Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello my honey bunches,

The weekday work bug is already getting to me and I decided to take care of it.I posted a sneak peak of my revamp your tee on my face book page here. I love how a simple tee look can be worked with and is super versatile.So here's whats on the platter today -> I have a super easy d-i-y t-shirt and a makeup idea  for smaller eyes to making them look bigger *you know very dolly-eyed*.

Things you'll need :
  • any tee that you want to ruin (like my mother says),
  • fabric shears and
  • safety pins(this again could be your choice of colours ,I used colourful ones  :) 

So all you really got to do is mark your shoulders and cut off over the the sleeves like so. I kind off stitched it inwards so it wouldn't fray or widen,if you like yours wider  just don't stitch it widens after every wash :D
When am wearing a plain round neck tee I really like shortening the length by rolling of sleeves.Old habits dies hard,I did that all the time with my uniform back in school.Here I add safety pins to the roll up sleeves.Voila, you now have your very own revamped t-shirt!

Now I was all up for the natural looking no-makeup makeup but it only made me look really washed out.Don't believe me take a look,

So I started my makeup with a wash of Kryolan cinnamon all over the lids,tightlined my eyes using Kryolan Eyekonic gel liner in black and well two very generous coats of mascara each using VeryMe Fat Lash Mascara and Maybelline colossal Waterproof Mascara.I first paired if with Lakme Flirt Love Lipbalm but somehow it just washed me out with red getting overbearing,So goes my no-makeup look down the drain I decided to wear red lip stick from Colorbar Hot Hot and winged my eyes in just the outer corners.This look instantly makes your eyes look bigger.Also I did sought of a heavy contouring on my jawline with Essence Matte bronzer for Brunettes for achieving a V-shape jawline.

The pic where you can actually see my doble chin and how effective is contouring really :P

 Yeash trying to be all doll -like,notice how bigger my eyes look?

 A close up of my blush and bronzer and yeah my edgy earring that I have been waiting to show off. Courtesy- BLur

 A closeup of my eyemakeup and lips(yes I am biting my lip to make it look smaller *tch..tchh*) .

 And yes in the end Trying to be all nerdy and sexy ..haha such facepalm!Oh yes I have glasses,am so solemnly blind!

I wore it with my OLD Navy denim shorts.
I really hope you like this d-i-y and try it!Let me know if you love it or hate it? Would you wear red on red,
I really don't know what to wear when it come to anything red!
See you lovelies soon in my next post,till then
Stay chic,

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