Friday, 3 July 2015

Sometimes love is not enough, and then you find that Maxi

I've never really been afraid of trying out new styles and showing more than a little skin required but to justify I've my own fears too. Like a jumpsuit I've never found this piece of clothing particularly pleasing , with my biggest obsession about how/ why do I need to remove everything to pee. And I belong to the sect that says yes fashion is taking the pain with joy. Enough with the rants and being told how I'm supposed to cover up when wearing a bandeau/strapless dress. Well everybody can go to hell 'cos I'm really going to wear it everywhere now!
So here my very graphic purchase from SPLASH that I absolutely adore .I've been wearing the dress all the time with jackets, shrugs shirt, over a skirt yup!
So it was time that the maxi basked in it's own glory. Now the bandeau dress does nothing really great for arms but I 'm oozin with a certain confidence and I 'm really liking it .I paired this dress with gorgeous earring from BLUR Accessories and a ring from Colaba. I really prefer wearing gladiators but this TRESMODE heels do the justice too.
Sanky braided my hair to one side in a thick conrow after crimping my hair so all that volume isn’t backcombing but crimping that gives the hair air and texture to work with.

What your current favourite outift?I will see you next time!

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