Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A riot of colours

Take a minute and imagine the world around you without colors, how boring and unexciting life would be. The sense of color is as extended as the sense of LIFE.
Every color has a unique effect on individuals and stimulates various responses e.g. the fast food companies use red, yellow and orange colors in their restaurants and product packaging as these colors are found to be helpful in increasing appetite. A research by the University of British Columbia has proven that blue color enhances creativity whereas; the color red helps to be focused and has a positive effect on memory.
The Blackfriars Bridge made of black iron when painted green, showed a decline in suicide rate up to 30%. Studies show that pink color is beneficial for stimulating responses from females whereas dark green color has a motivational effect on males.
Moving beyond the gyaan I incorporate two trends in my wardrobe religiously and pretty much unknowingly , the first one being monochrome and the second one backfiring with colours,no really! This dress has got to my favourite in terms of comfort, that I don’t need to wear anything to layer over or under, which is a bliss for me!

After the making some major headlines, parrot lady finally returns home and I take no chances on getting inspired. I have previously donned tonnes of graphic, this one is has an Indian ladies across the state in their ethnic dresses. Zoom in to figure out which states are featured.
For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s your dose of current affairs  : http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/modi-parrot-lady-canada-stephen-harper-sculpture/1/430382.html

I made this Maxi shirt dress to wear from day meetings when I want to be oozing a lot of flamboyance. I paired it up with my salmon suede heels and these spike earrings from the_bling_store. She retails on Instagram and has some amazing  collection, the best part they come at a very reasonable price.
As for my hair You all know the guy Sanky Evrus  can be reached on 09773103372 and the amazing Man behind the lens is Sarang , 09167160713. Both of them are available on whatsapp and can be booked Like always we would love your feedback on my posts,all criticism is welcome.
See you soon

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