Monday, 17 August 2015

Bomber Jacket - Two ways to Wear 'Em ft.LastInch

Hello Gorgeous,
The  weather in New Bombay can be a tease. One day it’s 70 degrees and balmy, the next it’s drizzling and chilly. To get through the erratic weather in style, we’re reaching coverups and my latest one being this fabulous  blue floral bomber by LAST Inch. They made their debut at the turn of the century and quickly became synonymous with the glamour and adventure of flying. Lightweight, and effortlessly cool, they look right with slouchy jeans and girly dresses alike.  See my two favorite ways to wear them , I'm doing another post with more ways.

The low-key style separate, which was an eighties staple, is enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to the variety of shapes, textures and colourways that the bomber, circa 2015, has to offer.
They’re perfect for pulling off the off-duty, sportswear inspired trends that are dominating the catwalks, shop fronts, and streets right now.They’re the perfect combination of slouch and sophistication. They’re also lightweight enough to be worn in the warmer months, making them perfect for transitional dressing. When thinking about how to wear bomber jacket styles like this, team a lightweight bomber with heavier, stiffer fabrics (like denim) for some balance. Bomber jackets are so great because they give off a relaxed, ‘I didn’t even have to try’ kind of vibe. Perfect for working the sports luxe trend!  
So in my first look I did a complete no-brainer with  my duo-rexin pants in Black  by ROADSTER and Number tee picked up from SPLASH's Men's Section.
I really wanted them to be comfortable hence my footwear are these Muted Matte Gold- Mesh Detailed loafers, they come with a 2-inch platform that effortlessly adds  to 5 Feet 5 Inch frame.

As for the second look I'm wearing a translucent  film top with Old Navy Shorts and the same comfy Loafers.
Tell me how would  you style your bomber Jacket? My fabulous jacket was sent by Last Inch.
LASTINCH is a Plus Size Online Clothing Brand which ensures latest trend for women with curves at Best Prices in India. We bring you the trendy & In-fashion clothing without compromising the product quality. Our Collection includes Dresses, Gowns, JumpsuitsTops & Tees, Shirts, Jackets,Shrugs, Joggers, Trousers, Jeans, Shorts & Skirt and will be offering our customers with the possible trending styles from time to time. Our motive is to make every curvy woman feel confident about her body, despite size.

Hence, LASTINCH is here for you to make you believe that CURVES ARE BEAUTIFUL!I personally love the way it fits me and the material.
Log on now, they have some fabulous sales going on!And if you are still worried why Last Inch.Here they have listed several reasons:
Hair by Sanky Evrus
Photography By Sarang 
I will see you  again very soon!

Stay Chic

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