Wednesday, 16 October 2013


So,all my owls that are awake this post will definitely awaken your sense .
Well my envy box arrived a couple of days bag and needlessly to say we needed a break from Vellvette which has gone haphazard with the services ( I haven't got a single product I relish for over 3 months now) :( Honestly I did enjoy vellvette, after birch box just refuses to launch here ,at such a minimum cost.So when I cam across MY ENVY BOX I was more than willing to get a shot at the product.
Now for those who do not know what My ENVY BOX and all the hubla boo is about ,well you
  Get 5 trial sized beauty products (typically 2ml-10ml) from the top international luxury and prestige brands delivered to your door step every month
  Get Rs. 213 worth (25%) for a month's subscription, Rs. 557 (25%)  for 3 months,Rs.1,088 (25%) worth of MEB for 6 months and Get Rs. 2,125 (25%) worth of ENVY points  to redeem in our store.
  Free Shipping
  All products are sourced from brands and authorized distributors in India
  Access to special deals
  Be one of the lucky 50 to get a copy of the latest Elle Magazine.
Now as far as my experience goes I booked my box  I requested for the invite on 27th August and got replied immediately thereafter. I had to fill out my preference ,my skin type, hair problems,allergies well all the ruffian dealing s:P
Finally I was asked  to place the order on 8th of september and my box arrived on 14th September. So yeah the shipping is decent but din't test my patience like Vellvette did.(FYI My anniversary bag arrived around 9th of october :( )

So If you are interested in the box already go ahead My Envy Box now!

 image source: My Envy Bag's site 

And well what I loved about is that they donate 1% to the ELLE breast Cancer Campaign,do your bits girls :D
so coming back to my personalised box,here's what I got :D
Well it all came safe without any leakages and in bubble wrap.I love the clean chic packaging :D

 And here's my stash 

CLARINS. PERIOD. Okay this one  a gentle foaming cleanser, I was excited about it containing tamarind. God knows why this desi comes alive even thinking imli.So yay!

I absolutely am in love with the smell. God I wish it was a bigger sample.
I got a bit excited about the photography part and a wee bit creative ,what do you think :P So THALGO another amazing brand. And yes it's tiny but the container is super cure and purple *squeal*

I absolutely am in love with the smell.God I wish it was a bigger sample.(C'mon being their launch into the market they could have given us 1 full sized product *pch..pch*)

The Eminence Organic skincare, honestly I haven’t even heard of this brand *embarrassed* and its has won like 4 times in a row for the best spa products ! It claims to calm well,and i have it on as I write this post for you guys.
Ehmm yes i can feel the marigold  and it is kinda moisturising.

Out the cover and comes this tiny little tube ,I don’t know it's going t o be gone in like 3 uses! Highly disappointed here.
All in all I'm not really satisfies with the box.Also I see a lot other people getting the same stash so well the personalisation part goes to well again.I was expecting  1- 2 makeup items, and am not really a skincare person right now. Sticking to my KIEHL's routine of CTM.
Yes .it's certainly a whiff of fresh air with all the luxurious brands but personally i feel like they are reall too small for it to be reviewed. I had a lot of expectations from this box.

Am I re-subscribing? well not until I see the next month's boxe and hear some one rave about it!
Did you guys subscribe? Also did we get the same product? DO lete me know kinda queer!
I'll see you soon in my next post, till then

Stay Chic,

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