Sunday, 6 October 2013

Unlikely Barbie LOTD (PINK for October)

Hello my mushies,I’m absolutely ecstatic on receiving my Coastal Scents Combo today  :D And I’ve done innumerable tutorials in my head. A big  grizzly bear hug to Akie I cudn’t have had a better gift I swear. I’ll be basking in  the glory of this coveted palette for months to come now.
Okay I shall shutup with the blabbering and come to my Pink unlikely-barbie Pink EOTD now .

This is an absolutely simple and should be a very wearable look to any of those soirées if you ‘re getting too for Breast Cancer Awareness’ know I’m going to c’mon ladies the least we can do is incorporate Pink into our wardrobe somewhere? I’m not a pink person really so you should be able to relate to the LOTD here J

Step 1:Prime your eyes.I’m already wearing my BB stick on my entire face.

Step 2:I’m using this Tangy and fierce as a base that’ll hold on the colour better and show up. 

Step 3:I sweep the lightest colour from the Clinique palette all over my lid..

Step 4:Defining my crease .If you do not know where exactly to put your crease colour look  upwards keeping your open and firmly mark with your choice of creamy brown eye pencil.( I know this can be a bit awkward face, but you’ll know where exactly does your crease colour will  show up).

Step 5:I use the next mauve-plum colour all over my crease and blend away. Next you want a small fluffy blending brush and get to work.

Step 6:Here comes our star colour I use this bright pop of pink on my lashline and highlight my inner corner with a pearl gold. Also I go back and conceal under my eyes. I save it for the last because of the falllouts.

Step7:You want to tightline your eyes next and 3/4th on your lower waterline.

Step 8:Get creative with your liner, this is totally upto you.I’m into slanted eye liner these days which finish half way through my lids. Makes your eyes look bigger trust me.Add oodles of Mascara. And you are ready to go PINK girl.

 This is totally optional but I don’t want to leave the house without blush these days, So I used Pink blush From Pro on the apples of my cheek and contoured with the ESSENCE matte bronzer for brunettes.
If you are a lip person try something different from your everyday pink. Now we all love Hooked on Pink by Maybelline but how about adding an undertone to it so I used  lip refill no 19 from the freedom palette and stained my lips. Used the lipstick directly from the bullet  and Voila your luscious lip are ready! 

Products Used :

Here’s how it looks on me J

I’m getting back to swatching my palettes.*So excited *See you soon in my next post.Stay Chic.