Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Breaking Myths With Afamado

I personally think there has been so much rue about what a Fat girl shouldn’t wear but time and again and we a plus size community have been trying to break the shell. It’s honestly very heartbreaking to see that as a community whose very members are we, levy such rules upon what to wear and what not to wear! The dress custom made by me defies all the rules that as plus size woman I’m supposed to be following.
The dress has my favorite trend off shoulder, a cinched waist, and a slit. I don’t want to be a hero but just normal person who wants to exists and do her own thing, eat what she likes, dress up as she likes and be  in this community just as anybody else.

One of the biggest style trends to emerge from  the very beginning  of summer 2016, without a doubt,  the off shoulder trend- is also  known by the name“Bardot  .” As a curvy girl, I remember baring my shoulders felt like a throwback to another time(being a vintage pinup fam), but also felt more comfortable sporting this trend.
To me these styles are flirty and the appeal lies in the fact that we can show skin but you got your upper arms covered. And that is a complete summer win for me. For colder weather, I would wear it with a button up plain shirt with prominent collars. 
You have seen me embrace the trend quite a few number of times on the blog.
It’s not hard to wear off-the-shoulder dresses – they make a statement on their own hence they really don’t need much else.

For this blog post, I have a beautiful geometrical print dress from Afamado. The dress is an off shoulder baby in Non stretch rayon woven fabric that can be either worn cinched or loose. The elastic on the shoulder and neck line enable a better fit. The dress was customized to my size and preference and that is what I loved about Afamado that ensures that each of its garment is made to the customers sizing’s.

For me my biggest accessory thanks to Sanky has become my Hair. We made it fun with tight curls. I have paired the dress with my pastel drop earrings from ALDO and block heels from Truffle Collection.

I really like the pop of color and the patterns of the dress. You can check out their curvy collection HERE and honestly these are all the dresses I would genuinely want to wear catering to different occasions.

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