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Guest Post:La mode masculine série

Hello my patakas :P
 I'm absolutely feeling very Bollywood today and have a chocolate boy by my side!

Like in my post suggested a very hot eye-candy on facebook, let me introduce you our guest stylist *drum rolls* Yashvardhan Singh Chowdhary who
 is currently pursuing engineering but has a keen eye for latest trend. The ease with which he incorporates trends, colours, cuts did not make me ponder over how he would not fit the bill. I personally love his uber stylish ways and how effortlessly he can carry himself.

Today we are trending about Pastel colours and Patialas. ”Yes the two P's you never want to touch” Now Patialas are absolutely not new to our country.  This trend in India has been used by both men and ladies for age groups. The appeal of patiala salwar kameez is that your age makes no modification when it comes to patiala salwar kameez. Patiala salwar kameez have spontaneous a lot and so do the designs.  India is very illustrious among Native Indian people and it is one of the recommended outfits of these areas.
As for pastels s we should all know by now, colour is big. Its rise to menswear prominence last year was rapid and after countless decades of reserved and basic colours considered the norm, males the world over have fully embraced the entire clothing rainbow. Even if you aren’t all that eager to take part or weren’t entirely bothered by the odd colourful sock, you can hardly avoid it.So now, after a couple of seasons development, colour is a well and truly established feature of menswear and the everyday man’s wardrobe – but it still isn’t something everyone is entirely comfortable with.

For quite a few men, ‘colour was and still is a step too far. However,
colour has many shades and there is in fact, something for everyone.’

The thing that I love about this trend is that it is versatile, it doesn’t have to be restricted to just one season such as spring. If you know how to match these trousers with the right shirt, t-shirt or jumper, it can look great at any time of the year. All you need to do is ensure the right outfit is put together and these will quickly prove to be well worth the money you have spent on them.

Overall the pastel colour trend is one that will be able to last all year, so even if you aren’t one to simply buy an item because it is on trend this is more like an investment that will quickly prove to be worth the money you spent on it and one which will endure. Pastels are going to bring around the brightness and fun of Spring/Summer just that little bit more quickly.

But Why Wear Pastels?
  • If colour is still something of a no go area, the softer shades of pastels will be the perfect way to ease yourself in. It’s a very simple process to take a bolder pastel shade and anchor it with other items so that they are more of an accent, rather than a statement.

  • The softer tones arguably make them more versatile. They are much easier to work into outfits where colour is the priority; reducing the risk of embarrassing colour clashes whilst also complimenting more reserved timeless staples. I’m sure we’ve all tried to pair something that is supposedly versatile but doesn’t work with a particular colour pastels are the answer.

  • Pastels are more classic and timeless. Whilst a bold orange might be in for a season or two, its more subtle pastel counterpart will remain on trend for a great deal longer. The softer colours will also mean they suit more people and individual skin types; bold colours can swamp but pastels are more forgiving.

  • Despite their more relaxed nature, pastels can still be used to make a statement. They can stand out from a neutral base or become the primary the focal point with a bright blazer or colourful trouser. You might also consider items that have a pattern constructed in pastel hues; with a more subtle infusion of colour the process becomes even easier.

Like I quoted everybody has the right shade, till then just experiment have fun. Here's a OOTD on how you can carry both the trends hand in hand without overdoing it. (And no you are not going to end up lady-like ,the united reply that I get each time  I ask my friends to try something).

Look no:1

Pairing up a corduroy mint blazer with crisp cotton shirt and black Patialas.Completing the look with Square-pocket chief and silk scarf touselled carelessly around the neck.No look is complete for the sunny day without your trusty ray-bans. The Patialas offer complete freedom and movement,since the bottom is loose we try and keep the top very fitted.

 Look No:2

The second Look was paired around navy blue patialas and pairing it again with half sleeves cotton shirt rolled-up.As for the pastel add-on again paired his square chief and a  peachy Nehru jacket.
The Nehru Jacket is our desi answer to the tuxedo and I really think men can easily carry the look.

Mojri are the stars ,not taking away from  the look and keeping it chic and comfortable.

To incorporate the exact trend, find what suits you. It is just a way of showing how these trends can be worn. Pick up pieces and bits and own it !
I really hope this post was helpful and bringing on guest writer has somewhat fired my monotony. See you very soon in my next post!

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