Monday, 21 November 2016

Boho Lite with Vajor

So generally when one dresses boho there is a lavish splash of accessories from bags to belts, bracelets, fringe earrings, elaborate hairstyle. I decide to go rather boho -lite and let my vajor dress shine through. The dress itself has such beautiful elements like the cut-out and the flared bell sleeves and detailing in blue. However I couldn't fit in even with the XL size so I added Rayon tie-dye fabric in two panels and a thin elastic band.
The Mad Hair Scientist took well almost over four hours to get my hair in order !We foil curled it making 8 shapes along as we went down lengthwise. Let me know if you guys want to see a tutorial we are really in drumdolls now!
Coming back to the outfit, I paired my dress with thong sandals from and this cute little sling from Forever 21.I got this in Bangalore when I was working.I love how the boho hippie style encompasses the characteristic details of the hippie style and merges them with the boho ideology. What do you think of the look and how would you style this dress,let me know?

I will write back to you in my next post.See you soon my loves.

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