Friday, 11 November 2016

Of Dark Florals and Braids

Hello my butter popcorns,

It's been quite some time since I last flaunted shorts. We all live in apprehensions all our life even if ones' skinny. I'm addressing to all our insecurities  no matter at what size always haunts us. I have my own inhibitions but one thing my experiences have taught me that giving it a chance once whether be it a cuisine, a fear that you wish to overcome or in this instance a fashion fad. I urge you, ladies, to break your own shackles and experiment with that one clothing item that you all have rolled it to the back of your wardrobe ,try it on take a selfie -wear it around the house you have to! It's crazy how you can a piece of clothing make you feel so different about yourself, accept that damn birthmark you got it from your folks or the scar on the knee you got when cycling.
 Coming back to the post I have several black dresses and yet again I picked up this piece from Billabong. Honestly, it's pretty short and well I don't  live in a society where it doesn't make uncle and aunties squirm in their pants,I paired it with shorts. Alternatively, I wear it with high   waisted skinny Lan pants and some pointy heels and make it another on the go outfit for dinner. But here I'm wearing totally coordinated with my hair ,a blue bralette from Enamor and shorts from the Old navy.

*Also super obsessed with tassels!*

The hair has been done by The Mad Hair Scientist in boxer braids and the makeup I have played with browns and mauve from The Balm Palette -Meet the Matte(s).For My lips am wearing Chambor and dabbed some plum eyeshadow.

Let's take a minute to put the spotlight on  these uber comfortable chunky heels. Now to be quite frank with you guys it wasn't really a love at first sight. I loved how it looked on other girls and the fact that these 90's babies were so coming back with a twist. I have to say, these are the most comfortable heels I own and I can totally wear them the entire day without much strain on the ball of the foot. I have shuffled from airports o train and fashion weeks and it's been a breeze.I got it from KOOVS on a discount ,will update the name of the brand super soon.

I had so much fun shooting this look and do remember guys do share your take with me.I will talk to you super soon again, till then

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