Monday, 10 June 2013

Graphic Liner Series :Part 2

So how are my sexy dolls combating with Monday Blues!
So here's a quickie on another graphic liner look.Today I'm going to an easy - peasy way to the feline liner.Oh yea I'm totally into Feline(meow)after the winged liner.Not only this look makes your eyes look bigger (unless you are using kohl on waterline which fyi will make your eyes smaller).
One thing that really attracts me is Those intensely wild feline eyes are irresistibly captivating  but all you need is a bit of steady hand. 

The first step to getting a perfect cat eye is to arm yourself with the right tools.So start by using pencil kohl liner first slowly transition into felt tip liners and finally gel or liquid liner whichever you prefer better!

Next, park yourself in front of a mirror, preferably one with a table or flat surface in front of it.

 Plant on  the eyeshadow  you like I prefer to Find a shade of eyeshadow that is very slightly lighter than my own  eyelid skin tone. Apply it all over the eyelid using a large eyeshadow brush.

Apply a highlight color. Begin directly below your inner brow sweep outwards, following the natural arch of the brow.

Apply a darker brown into the outer crease of your eyelid. This should go all the way to the outermost portion of the crease.
Now  the idea is to define your crease so blend in baby as much as you can.

Plant the elbow of the arm holding the brush onto the table (to steady your hand).
Begin slightly slanting upwards when you get to the middle of your eye. Extend just past the corner of your eye. Once you have created the outline, fill it in.Use the lower lashline as the guideline for your feline liner.

Once you are done in the outer corner you need to perk up the inner corner by tweaking and defining the area.(refer the picture below). It's kinda like you are joining the tips and finishing you eyeliner in the front area.


Voila there you go!
Cat eye liner can be challenging at first, but once perfected it is a look that always wins big. Adorn your eyes in the feline persuasion, today.

 Product Used:
  • Clinique Pallette(got this in the velvette box)
  • Maybelline Gel liner
  • And lakme liquid liner
 Other than this for my face I used Garnier BB tinted moisturizer along with Purely Pro Blush in  Strawberry and Maybelline Lipstick in 'Hooked on Pink'.

A l'il lovenote:
  • Be patient and do this slowly, it takes time and practice.
  • Never add liquid liner to waterline!!! All other liners are fine but liquid liner is a no no, causes serious eye irritation if it gets in the eye. Also there are glands for your eyes in the waterline could cause pink eye or a stye.You can use it on the lashline if you are very confident and have a steady hand.
  • You can use any color you'd like, but black is the classic look.
  • Don't add to much more makeup cause it will make this look trampy/overdone.
  • Remember to add a THIN line on the waterline of your bottom lash.
  • Add a dark blush under the cheekbone, it will highlight the cat eye effect.