Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello our lovely readers.

Yes we know we should keep up with these random posts and get back on track now,but we had some pretty good reasons for not writing I assure you.
So Like I promised and swear-ed to myself to dedicate myself to writing again(Yes you are guessing it right,It is that phase of my life where I'm feeling absolutely useless trying on being selfless!)
Getting back to the super easy d-i-y(Do-It-Yourself) on the skull cutout on tee which has been a worldwide rage.I was absolutely adamant on doing it.
Here's all the supplies you will be needing:

1. Fabric chalk
2. sharp fabric sheers
3. skull picture (Google it) or even better try hearts or any random shape you like!
4. slightly oversized tee. preferably cotton to hold the shapes of the skull better than something softer like an interlocking knit (jersey-knit).

STEP ONE: Sketch out the outline of your skull. We think the messier, the better, so don't be afraid to get a little sloppy.

STEP TWO: Turn your shirt inside out with the back of the shirt facing up. Then put your skull outline inside. 

STEP THREE: Trace your outline with chalk  or you can even chose to do dots since scissors tend to drag on fabric and by not having a solid line we were able to deviate from the exact outline, like we said, the messier the better — and more organic looking. 

STEP FOUR: Admire your dotted skull outline. 

STEP FIVE: Begin cutting by starting in the middle and snipping outward.Only in a matter of minutes you have your amazing skull cutout on that not-so-boring white tee of yours!

Now when we talk about wearing it,WE have quite a few options !1.Here We tried to wear it with nothing underneath (which fyi do not pull this stunt in the city,but nevertheless it perfect for beach-sides!)It looks like we're wearing nothing underneath, but we're typically wearing one of those sticker bras just to make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions! 2.Another easy and predictable way is to wear it with a racer back.We paired up an aztec printed racer back from "American Eagle"here.
3.Wear it over a romper /Jumpsuit.EAsy-peasy and avoid getting stared at busy market places.Let me promise you it'll be super comfy for that shopping trip paired with oversized sunnies and flat tie-ups!
4.We even like to pair it over a bralette. Probably the second  most common way to wear the shirt. Just saying "eff it" and wearing it over your normal bra or a bralette top. A contrasting colour works or wearing with a nude bra makes the cut-out stand out too.

p.s.: Another quick tip Is to use the design, forward-facing, cut out of a black t-shirt over a white t-shirt. I tried it and a lot of people thought it was some sort of screen print, until they got up close and others thought it it was abstract until they saw if from far away. All in all it's an absolute WINNER!!!

That I think officially sums up our first post and I'm so glad that you guys have reached here .Yes here! :P
Looking forward to writing soon.

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