Monday, 17 June 2013

Gaphic Liner Series : Part 3 (p.s. I even cut my own hair)

Good morning my beautiful Ladies,
How did you guys spend your weekend?I celebrated father's day with movie marathon!
Also cooking together!
Let's get set to combat Monday blues with this preppy number.
It's a super simple,edgy and very wearable look.I'm using affordable drugstore makeup for this look.
So we basically start with the same steps(which you'll know if you have been following my tutorials).

Step 1:We prep the eyelids with Nyx Jumbo pencil in the shade Milk.This will help the  lighter colour to show better on the lids.

Step 2:Blend it well upto your brow bone.

Step 3:I use a wash of dusty mauve on my eyelids which is matte.I used the blush from my Clinique pallette(oh yeah!I use products for multiple uses!)

Step 4: Again using another shimmery dusty rose on the center of your lids and inner corner of your eyes(I used A shad from my Active Pallette).

Step 5: Trace your crease line with any brown liner.You can use gray too,black becomes too harsh.I used Nyx's auto pencil in Brown.

Step 6: Here comes the fun part.I am creating the very literal cat ears i.e. two triangle on the ends.

Step 7: Filling in the triangle and lining my lower lash line with liquid liner.Also add milk in the water line(optional)

Step 8:Add much mascara as you wish.I used Lotus Herbal Mascara in Black.

I wore this fun band with a bow(Accessorize) with a bumpit! :D

This is what it look like on me.I wore it with Maybelline 14 hr Matte Lipstick in the shade 'Stay with me Coral' along with blush from Purely Pro in 'Strawberry'.

AlsoI finally cut my entire hair which I have been meaning to do for a long time now.I cut off all coloured bleached ends.This is what it look like!

Oh yes and I wore it my Dad on the movie marathon yesterday with my current favorite aztec racerback!

Tell me how you like it/How does my hair look?Will you try this graphic liner look ?
See you bubbles in my next post 

Until then,

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