Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Quick Work Appropriate Makeup(And Hiding those Puffy eyes)

Good afternoon,
So this post is dedicated to our puffy tired eyes also the dark circles the our no-sleep work-tight schedule ! Also it was a request so definitely most of us are going to relate with this post,well I hope so ^_^

I picked up some tips and tricks from Michelle Phan whilst working on my look.So go ahead am quoting the blog "Hi everyone,
If someone told you your eyes looked puffy, you might get embarrassed – but in some parts of Asia, it’s actually a compliment! First, it’s important to know that puffy eyes are not the same thing as eye bags.  Eye bags are usually darker than your natural skin tone and their sagging look can age you (here’s a way to GET RID OF THEM NATURALLY).  Puffy eyes are the opposite – because they are commonly found in children, they’re actually supposed to make you look younger! Koreans call puffy eyes “aegyo-sal”, which literally means “charming fat”.  Though it might sound kind of strange, the aegyo-sal look is actually an easy way to give yourself a more sweet, youthful appearance.  Here’s my tutorial on how to achieve this look:"
Moving on to me and my way to combat this look,I skip the liner on water line and move the focus to my lips(Smart ehh?)
Here is my tired face,just back from work sans makeup and post facewash :(

I start by cutting up my blue veins(oh no not literally),using Maybelline Tattoo in Fierce and Tangy, all over my crease area.(I tested several shades from this range (though not every single shade individually) from the range for twelve to sixteen hours. I wore each of them alone, not with other products, primers, or eye-shadows  I didn't experience any budging, creasing, fading, or smudging.

Add Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk under my browbone and add a neutral eyeshadow over eyelid.

Add a light brown on your lashline,smudge it well ( we are just trying to cast a shadow  effect under)Please do not let it seep in the waterline.We do not want to highlight that area at all.

Draw the thinnest liner that you could possibly,keeping it as close to the lashline .We want to emphasize on our natural eyeshape.

Add A bucketful of mascara !Oh yeah we need it!

Add a pearl based neutral eyeshadow to your inner corners and blend it out well.

In the end I go around and add concealer only wherever needed .I do not intend on bringing unnecessary attention to my bags/PUFFY EYES!

Here are some budget friendly Lipstick Option I personally Prefer Wearing To Work.

Maybelline Hooked to Pink-->1
Anna faris-->3
Maybelline -->2
4.Street wear in-->6
5.Lotus Herbals in Carnation-->5
Faces Candy Floss -->4

I made the post super easy and its very easily malleable .Go ahead experiment just remember to shift your focus from under eye bags! We sure do love attention but only at the right places :D
I hope this post was helpful ,Keep writing to me I love reading your messages and inspires me to get things done!See you soon in my next post,

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