Sunday, 9 June 2013

The tale of the "Almost Bald Head"

Good afternoon my bubble faces :*

We (Masters in Design,NIFT)are currently interning,well I'm still looking but nevertheless I had like to share some of my styling photo-shoots with you.These were randomly done in the middle of the night when I would pursue one or the other friend to pose for me.
Oh well and what I'm going to present to you today we literally managed to shave her head too.Oh yes let's just say I can be very convincing sometimes :D
Here I have experimented with a beautiful triad of colors on the eye sans any liner.Let the picture take you you on this short transformation ride!

 Jocelyn  hee highness nervous self before the haircut! We randomly decided to  shave on sides. She has like real thick hair voluminous (that I've always dreamt of).She gives you the freedom to work around her,and I don not have to haste and hence she's always one of my favorite person to work with.

Finally the snips !

 Finishing touches!!

Yes I can gross you out to come on!

Products Used:
Faces Pallette
Inglot Freeedom System
Revlon Kohl in noir
Revlon Butter Lipstick in Fuschia(model's own)

We can style it so many ways.Add a large bow hairband that doesn't draw attention to itself keeping it monochromatic and Voila you are set to go.

Hairband: Accesorize ; Dress:109 F

The second look :Here we found a beautiful way to wear that cuff earring. A top knot pony tail that doesn't shy away from showing that trimmed edges and is such a grungy look put -together.

Cuff Earring: Blur Accessories

p.s. Kindly Ignore the background. C'mon it's our hostel room .Did you really expect to clean it up??

Give me your feed back and what did you think of such posts.Should I do this more often. Would love to hear back from you.

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