Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Perfectly imbalance LOTD

Good evening my marshmallows,

So I wanted to try a look (yeah well just for the sake of it) from the palette that you have just received. thus my LOTD will be self explanatory when you see my MOTIVES  by Loren Ridinger,
palette that all of us received in an edition of Velvette Box.My eyes were absolutely glues on to the gorgeous peachy colour and the violet.Well green is pretty too but I'm never really fascinated with the colour. So moving on to the LOTD ,it is absolutely a throwaway look put together. Mostly unblended you';; see that I'm pairing up with glossy lips from Bourjois 3-D effect Gloss.
*psst..psst*You shall even notice that there's no concealer here!
This is not a tutorial just an LOTD post I'm doing!

Let me know how do you like it? Did you ever frantically put together a look and wear it out too?
See you in my next post,till then take care!

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